News Marketing Media Invitations Ten years, one day, ONE TWO CULTURAL MEDIA do not forget the initial heart, and move forward

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News Marketing Media Invitations Ten years, one day, ONE TWO CULTURAL MEDIA do not forget the initial heart, and move forward

September 17
02:12 2019

Companies that don’t understand news marketing in the 21st century are boring, you can’t understand advertising, but you have to keep up with the times! Marketing is not only applicable to products and services, but also to organizations and people. All organizations, whether or not they conduct currency transactions, actually need to engage in marketing.

What is news media marketing?

A marketing method that uses news to promote the company. News marketing effectively uses news reporting methods in marketing activities to create the best communication efficiency. Through the form and method of news, news marketing interprets corporate culture, brand connotation, product mechanism, and interest commitment from multiple angles and multi-faceted, disseminates industry information, leads consumer fashion, and guides purchasing decisions. This model is very conducive to guiding market consumption, quickly increasing the visibility of products in a short period of time, shaping the brand’s reputation and credibility.


News marketing steps:

News planning: According to the law of the news, combined with the needs of enterprises, integrate the advantages of enterprise resources, carefully plan the news advantage

News writing: According to the planning theme, write different styles of news materials, submit for review to achieve better communication results

Media release: According to the news material, the corresponding channel is released, and the current news planning target is used to determine the release media and the release ratio.

Release tracking: timely tracking, effect feedback

The advantages of news marketing: news has higher reading rate, news improves content credibility, news can improve content depth, news has long-lasting, better search engine optimization effect, contributes to brand value improvement, easy to two Second spread.

What is the media invitation?

Nowadays, the way that domestic and foreign companies are particularly dependent and popular is the media invitation, the reporter invites, and reports on the spot.

General companies have events or product launches, as well as various auto shows, educational equipment exhibitions, music festivals and other grand conferences, as small as individual concerts, personal new book conferences and personal interviews, etc. are inseparable from the news. Live reports or live broadcasts by the media and journalists.

Steps for media invitations:

Confirm the number of media: First of all, if you want to hold an event and hope to get more exposure and attention, then you need to draw up a list of media, you can call one by one, or you can ask the media agent to help, now big Some companies will find a public relations company like the ONE TWO CULTURAL MEDIA to serve, because you have not established a good relationship with the media, you will not necessarily come to the scene, and even if you come, you can not give you any publicity; On the one hand, the company is simple, saves time and effort, on the other hand, the media you need will come as you go, and there are any problems in the middle.

The benefits of media invitations: a clear understanding of corporate information and product information, objective and fair reporting of positive or negative, will not penetrate some false things, the information disseminated more comprehensive and persuasive.

The co-founders of the first and second media are all from the traditional paper media Sichuan TV, Chengdu Business Daily, and Entrepreneur Daily. They have been doing media career for ten years. Their media resources are spread all over the country and the world. When many companies face a When you are in a strange place to do an activity and want to make a press invitation, you can find a phone call.

Great brands evoke images, expectations and a commitment to performance. The standardized management and perfect enterprise system of their enterprises cannot be separated from the hard work and struggle of the team. The headquarters of the company is located in Chengdu. In addition to Chengdu, the land of Tianfu in Sichuan, there is also a slogan that resounds through the clouds: “Chengdu, you are here.” The main reason for the city that does not want to leave is that the founders are not Sichuanese, but they feel the cultural essence and magical charm brought by the business here. What they are doing and what they are doing is indeed the application. A think tank that is well-equipped in the Internet age. They are the leaders of the public relations community and the media people with social responsibility.

Mr. Gao Bin, the manager of the final public relations department of the media, said: On the road of enterprise development, all the steps are made out. As long as there is a road under the foot, there is a direction in the heart, the eyes are not obscured, and the pursuit continues. I believe that the media will bring us more exciting.

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