CELFULL “NMN+Ubidecarenone” Reverse Vascular Aging

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CELFULL “NMN+Ubidecarenone” Reverse Vascular Aging

October 20
19:09 2020
A team of CELFULL scientists has successfully reversed the aging of blood vessels by a new product – “NMN+Ubidecarenone”.

The blood vessels are lined with endothelial cells, which are vital for the growth and health of blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding tissues and connected organs. As the endothelial cells age, the blood vessels begin to waste away, new blood vessels fail to form, and the blood supply to tissues steadily begins to fall. The loss of blood supply to organs and tissues causes the build-up of toxins, low oxygen levels, and the loss of critical nutrients.

The root of vascular problems is endothelial damage. CELFULL’s “NMN+Ubidecarenone” cares both problems and repair vascular endothelium, maintain vascular health from the root, showing young condition.

When the vascular endothelium is intact, the surface of the endothelial cells is negatively charged, and the formed components in the blood are also negatively charged. These two repel each other, and the formed components will not be adsorbed on the surface of normal endothelial cells.

When the vascular endothelium is damaged, its surface charge is transformed into a positive charge. At this time, when the damaging positively charged endothelial cells meet the negatively charged formed components in the blood, they will be adsorbed to form atherosclerosis, finally cause thrombus.

CELFULL selected 5 “golden components” that are beneficial to blood vessels through mitochondrial medical big data analysis, and reached a “golden ratio” through a large number of clinical feedbacks, which can solve various vascular problems from the root. Each capsule is very precious and is called “NMN+ Ubidecarenone”.

CELFULL was founded in California, USA. It is a research and development-intensive brand led by 6 medical doctors and built over 20 years. It focuses on the research and development of new drugs and nutritional interventions in mitochondrial medicine. As the pioneer of global “mitochondrial health” research, Professor George Birkmayer,  the “father of NADH applications”, and Professor David Sinclair, the NMN anti-aging discoverer, have all worked closely with CELFULL to develop several targeted anti-aging and cell repair products such as NADH and NMN. CELFULL integrates a “health system” with three major centers: scientific research center, product center and health center. It has a 1,000-square-meter advanced mitochondrial medicine and coenzyme research platform, integrates world-leading technology, with strict quality and safety control and continuous research and innovation, has produced many mitochondrial medical anti-aging products, helping to achieve the improvement of human health and quality of life, and ultimately reached the ultimate goal of “Restore life vitality”.

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