Clapper, the Unbiased Free Speech Platform, Launches Clapper FAM Monetization Feature

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Clapper, the Unbiased Free Speech Platform, Launches Clapper FAM Monetization Feature

November 18
23:04 2020
Enables content creators to earn money from supporters on the Clapper video app

DALLAS – Clapper, the unbiased free speech platform, today announced the launch of Clapper FAM, a new monetization feature for its Clapper video app. The organization took this step out of opposition to the big social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube), which censor unwanted content. The purpose of the monetization capability is to enable Clapper’s content creators to thrive despite being muzzled elsewhere. With Clapper FAM, they can earn money from their supporters.

“All opinions matter. With so much unwanted control over private and public communication in the USA, a great many social media users are looking for an alternative platform where they can freely share their views and opinions,” said a spokesperson for Clapper. “Our goal is to be the next choice for those looking for freedom of expression.” The censorship is particularly severe for conservative voices. Clapper sets out to rectify this imbalance.

With Clapper FAM, creators of good content, who have followers, can earn money from their supporters. Creators can accomplish this goal using Clapper’s best-in-class tools. There are no limits on the abundance of content variety that can be produced. Users are expressing their enthusiasm. For example, according to Liam Rafizadeh, Founder of Today Is America, “Clapper is one of our favorite apps because it doesn’t censor content, and that’s really important to us. It shows they care about our rights!”

As the first independent free speech video platform, Clapper provides a space for open dialog and user engagement. Users can take advantage of the app’s “opinion” feature to publish a video response. “We want to provide a place where you can share news, find your community, and stay informed,” the spokesperson added. “We want our users to feel a sense of freedom—on a platform where you can express your views and opinions without any restrictions.” The app also encourages a sense of belonging. Users can find and connect to like-minded people to engage in discussions and talk about the subjects they care about.

Clapper offers a venue for political commentary. One of the main reasons the organization launched the app and Clapper FAM was to enable users to share their views and opinions on current political affairs and events or make a video response to other users’ video content. Social movements are also relevant to Clapper users. They can participate in social movements, such as protests and riots, with the ability to stream and share their experiences with others. “Sharing a video from this type of event gives a unique perspective and can educate viewers about essential things that happen in the county,” the spokesperson noted.

The app offers an easy and intuitive interface that makes using Clapper simple and effortless. Users can easily record videos of their local news and their opinions on the news. They can add hashtags to posts to strengthen their search optimization, like #vote #bestcommunity #presidentialdebate #election2020 #freespeech #karen #extremeweather. The app enables downloading of videos mp4 format and offers the ability to share the videos to Twitter very easily.

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