Smart fitness brand FITURE launched its unique fitness concept after closing a USD 300 mn Series B Financing

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Smart fitness brand FITURE launched its unique fitness concept after closing a USD 300 mn Series B Financing

April 30
19:25 2021

On April 14th 2021, the Chinese fitness brand FITURE had its “Tronera” spring press event at the NUO Hotel Beijing, announced the raise of USD 300mn in Series B financing. At the press event, Mr Richard Zhang, co-founder and president of the company launched “FITURE fitness”, calling for a brand new workout philosophy of “enjoy”. The company also shared its plan on building the largest original smart fitness content library.

Founded in 2019, FITURE launched its first smart fitness product “FITURE Slim”, heralding a unique business model of “hardware, content, service and AI” that has made FITURE a major player in global smart fitness market. Looking ahead, the company will double down its investment in developing interactive content and technologies, aiming at enabling exercising and fitness with technology.

On “FITURE fitness”, Zhang Yuansheng, co-founder and president of the company interpreted this concept as the shift from the draconian self-discipline when working out to a new experience of having fun along the way. As an intrinsic part of human DNA, exercising can bring us physical satisfaction that’s way beyond material satisfaction. It is a more flexible and fragmented way of fitness that’s promoted by FITURE. Empowered by smart terminal devices, exercising can be enjoyable, fun and satisfying, all the ingredients to the fitness philosophy of enjoy. With “FITURE Slim”, a brand new world of fitness opens for its users.

To create a premium smart fitness content library, FITURE handcrafted its 4,000 square meters “dreamwork-like” studio. Presented by Xie Dingyuan, FITURE’s VP of content, “this is the world’s largest fitness content creation studio, with four ultra-size recording halls, all equipped with whole-process production system and 4K movie-making video recording capacity, just to churn out high-fidelity fitness videos.”

FITURE is more than a smart hardware company, we deliver a comprehensive fitness solution of “hardware + content + AI + service”. Through professional recording, high-specs terminal devices, trainer’s most subtle actions and facial expressions can be vividly captured to create an immersive online training ambiance. To not deprive the users of the sense of company while offering them rich tech-features, each fitness session will be recorded by trainers at one stretch with vocal instructions and encouraging interactions. Even more, FITURE has established the world’s first professional LAB for fitness music, part of the effort to fast guide users to reach their best zone via the two dimensions of video and music.

On top of meeting the needs of professional fitness session recording and live-streaming, FITURE takes a step further to fuse AI-enabled body motion recognition into fitness courses through its globally pioneered digital “interactive content creation and management system”. This one-of-a-kind interactive content creation system developed by FITURE has integrated resources and talents including teams of trainers, shooting and post-production personnel, music, developers as well as AI engineers etc., and digital content creation and management tools, it has made cross-cutting collaboration possible.

With the very best team of fitness trainers in China, boasting cumulatively 200,000 plus training hours and over 10 years of training experience on average as well as 500 strong fitness awards and certificates, FITURE is able to upload nearly 5,000 new fitness courses  per year, adding to its interactive fitness content library. The library is by far the largest one in the world in terms of quantity and variety. So far, there’s a myriad of mainstream fitness courses such as strength building, body shaping, yoga, combat training, posture correction, Pilates, aero dance, prenatal fitness, Barre, stretching, HIIT and workout challenge, etc., to help users with different needs and age to find something for themselves.

Ever since its inception, FITURE has showcased its accurate positioning, advanced technical strength and first-rate teams as well as a unique business model, wining the affection of global capital market. Prior to Series B, FITURE has had three rounds of financing with cumulative amount close to USD100 million.

Series B financing was led by All-Star Investment, Legend Capital, DST Global and Coatue, and followed by Sequoia China, Tencent, C Capital, Cygnus Equity, NIO CAPITAL, GSR Ventures, BA Capital, Z1 Capital, CPE and BAI. Thanks to Series B, FITURE has not only become the fastest-growing smart fitness startup to break into the ranks of unicorns, but the company that secured the highest Series B financing in smart fitness market so far.

“We are deeply grateful to our investors for their support. We should thank our users because it is their love for “FITURE Slim” that has kept us growing. Built upon our strength, FITURE is going to be lazer-focused on the pain points of our users and stick close to “interactive content”, making workout easier to kickoff and keep up.” said Tang Guangtian, co-founder and CEO of the company.

“Only 6 months into the launch of FITURE Magic Slim, we’ve got lots of positive feedback from our users. And it makes us more confident about China’s smart fitness market. With its smart device offerings, FITURE will continue to enable flexible fitness experience and help them make the most of their fragmented time. They will have an enjoyable and fun fitness experience,” said Zhang Yuansheng, FITURE president.

FITURE also shared that it’s going to use the new funding to continuously producing great products, content and fitness experience so as to lower the threshold of workout and expand into more consumer scenarios.

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