Get High-affinity Single Domain Antibodies Jointly with Creative Biolabs

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Get High-affinity Single Domain Antibodies Jointly with Creative Biolabs

May 05
23:00 2021
Creative Biolabs is a professional service provider of biotechnology solutions, which has been endorsed by regular clients worldwide. Holding the expertise and a group of experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs is quite skillful at the design, production, and engineering of single domain antibody (sdAb).

New York, USA – May 5, 2021 – Single domain antibody, also known as domain antibody, VHH, VNAR, or sdAb, is characterized by its unique structure that comprises a single monomeric variable antibody domain without the light chain or CH domain of the heavy chain in the Fab region. The structure endows sdAbs the advantages when developed into antibody drugs or diagnostic tools in that sdAbs are more stable, have better penetrability, and target more epitopes than conventional antibodies. Creative Biolabs, with expertise in phage display technology, has years of experience in providing single domain antibody related services to global clients.

Creative Biolabs can immunize camel, llama, alpaca, or shark as repertoire source for single domain antibody production, according to the clients’ specific requirements, to establish immune single domain antibody libraries that pose certain advantages over conventional libraries in terms of higher-affinity antibody production capability and smaller size independent clones required. Also, when the immunogenicity of sdAbs is not a concern, Creative Biolabs can establish a synthetic VHH or VNAR sdAb library by the trimer condon technique to randomize the CDR1 and CDR3 region, which is combined with the establishment of camelized human sdAb libraries obtained through human antibody heavy chain framework monomerization.

Novel sdAb production platforms have been established that allow producing target-specific sdAbs within 8 weeks. High-affinity and specificity sdAbs against various targets can be developed, including cytokines, cell surface receptors, tumor cell markers, viral antigens, and enzymes.

Creative Biolabs is still extending the service capabilities with the joint efforts of its scientific staff.

* Intrabody Discovery
* Premade Single Domain Antibody Library Screening
* Bispecific Single Domain Antibody Production
* Anti-membrane protein sdAb Production
* Anti-idiotypic sdAb Production
* Anti-BBB sdAb Production
* Anti-Albumin Single Domain Antibody Discovery Service
* Single Domain Antibody Humanization
* Single Domain Antibody Conjugation Services
* sdAb In Vitro Affinity Maturation
* Single Domain Antibody Stability Improvement Service
* De Novo sdAb Sequencing
* Antibody Camelization

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Creative Biolabs is a leading CRO in antibody design, production, and engineering, which is established and operated by a group of Ph.D. level scientists that are focused on biotechnology related fields, including biology, medical science, and chemistry. With years of successful exploration and expansion, it has developed into an international-based enterprise providing comprehensive solutions to clients across the world. Regarding the sdAb, Creative Biolabs can not only provide custom development solutions, but also has high-standard ready-to-use antibody products.

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