Voicedocs releases a new update to its automated transcription software to provide researchers with more accuracy and tools

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Voicedocs releases a new update to its automated transcription software to provide researchers with more accuracy and tools

May 10
22:45 2021

The new update by the company increases the accuracy level and adds tools for quicker editing and publishing.

Automated transcription software is getting more attention among researchers recently. Researchers need to analyze a large amount of audio and video data for more accurate conclusions, because the research results may have a great impact on various social and cultural issues. A qualitative study, in particular, requires the transcription of many hours of audio/video interviews and observations. Listening to audio recordings and transcribing them manually which takes hours, if not a full day, can be exhausting for most researchers. It takes 4 to 8 hours to transcribe just 1 hour of audio. This is when automatic audio transcription comes in handy. Automated transcription software uses speech recognition technology to do the job for users in a matter of minutes. Researchers can focus on creative work instead of transcription and publish quickly. 

But automatic transcription accuracy and transcript editing tools are key factors to speed up this process.

Voicedocs converts audio to text with its state-of-the-art speech recognition technology which is constantly polished for greater accuracy. The software allows editing the transcript using the innovative text editor, by clicking on any word or sentence, users can play that part of the audio. Another useful feature is the “search by keywords” feature, which is not available with simple audio/video files. Subtitles for the videos can be created with a special subtitle editing tool, and audio playback speed can be changed for a faster reviewing process. The final transcript can be downloaded as a Word document or SRT subtitle file, which includes timestamps for every sentence.

Besides saving at least 4 times the budget and time spent on transcription, automatic transcription is a must when privacy is a top priority. A lot of research interviews include sensitive personal information that cannot be shared with human transcribers. Fully automated processing of audio files with speech-to-text algorithm and password protection of data ensures that personal information is safe. The service complies with GDPR and other data protection rules.

The software is available for a free trial at: https://voicedocs.com

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