Millennial duo introduces spiritually aligned coloring workbooks to combat post-pandemic anxiety while reframing the mind

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Millennial duo introduces spiritually aligned coloring workbooks to combat post-pandemic anxiety while reframing the mind

July 28
02:57 2021
Dope Manifestations is offering a breakthrough collection of mindset coloring workbooks specifically designed to tackle anxiety in the post-pandemic era.

Denver, CO – July 27, 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected people physically but has taken a serious toll on mental health as well. According to APA stats, 62% of Americans are currently suffering from more severe anxiety than they were at the same time last year. However, a newly-launched company shows hope in these dire times. Dope Manifestations, as it is called, has recently launched a unique line of spiritually aligned coloring books to help people cope with post-pandemic anxiety.

Founded by two best friends, Cathleen Jeanty and Evelyn Gallagher, Dope Manifestations offers a completely digital collection of instantly downloadable mindset coloring books.

“COVID-19 has reshaped some of the most seminal aspects of our lives: how we view work and money, how we view relationships, and lastly, how we view ourselves. These books tackle all of these things. According to observations reported by esteemed publications like Medical News Today, right now we are in the midst of a post-pandemic anxiety phenomenon. Such a crisis calls for collective endeavour, and we have long been looking for ways to mitigate these challenges. We have deep faith in the power of affirmative phrases, which have helped both of us before in challenging times. This ethos has inspired us to develop something that would help the world to effectively combat post-pandemic anxiety: and have fun while doing it! Thus Dope Manifestations was born,” stated the founders of Dope Manifestations.

“We have always looked for ways to shift our mindset. In high school we used to borrow one another’s agenda, grab Post-It notes, and fill up the pages with affirmations. This helped us, but it was a rather short-term solution. We recognized that we needed a longer-lasting method, which is why the foundation of our coloring books is a commonly recognized subconscious mindset technique. These coloring books are strategically designed to provide an intensive mindset overhaul, and the beauty of these books is that they can be done on your own time and printed in your own home.”

Dope Manifestations coloring books are truly emblematic of quarantine life: they are not only versatile and creative but are also specifically designed to combat anxiety. What separates Dope Manifestations coloring books from other coloring books is that most of them purely feature plain images. Dope Manifestations coloring books are based on the 33×3 law of attraction manifestation method. Following this method, users have to write an affirmation 33 times a day for 3 days, which will eventually help to cement these affirmations in their mind and rewire their beliefs.

These books allow users to instead color the manifestation phrases, which spares them the mundane task of writing and allows them all the joy of coloring. Each book covers 11 affirmations, and each page features a manifestation phrase 33 times. Every book also comes with 3 blank pages where users can jot down their own customized affirmations. Each item’s price is an angel number that corresponds to the area of mindset work that the book focuses on. For example, the money mindset book is $8.88, and the angel number 888 means abundance is coming your way.The books revolve around 3 major themes:

1. Money Mindset: I Was Born to Flex 

2. Spiritual Alignment: Now Let’s Get in Formation 

3. Love: Get Over that F-Boy: Or Girl or Them that Makes You Say ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’

“Since changing your mindset requires a lot of deep dives into your thought processes, each of our coloring books carries along 5 pages of journal prompts. We have also expanded to include standalone  journal prompts, which can be purchased without a coloring book because mindset and manifestation is truly a transformative combination.” 

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