Introducing Electrician in Riverside, CA

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Introducing Electrician in Riverside, CA

October 08
08:06 2021
Introducing Electrician in Riverside, CA
Todd Peters Electric in Riverside, CA, is announcing the three most popular electrical services requested by California customers.

Grand Terrace, CA – October 8, 2021 – Business owners and homeowners in the Riverside area frequently need the services of a trained electrician Riverside.  It can be quite dangerous when a person doesn’t know what they are doing.

When homeowners find that fuses are always blowing out whenever they plug in the iron and the toaster at the same time, this means it’s time for a Riverside electrician.  Fuses that blow out frequently mean that the electrical circuits in the house are overloaded.

The wires in a home or business are only meant to carry a certain amount of power without catching on fire.  The fuse will blow when the wire is asked to carry more power than it is allowed to carry.  The fuse blows on purpose to break the electrical circuit so that the wire doesn’t catch on fire.

Frequently blowing fuses is the telltale sign that the home needs to have its electrical panel upgraded. Electrical panel upgrades are the most frequently requested service at Todd Peters Electric.  

An electrical panel is the point of origin for all the wiring in a home.  The utility company brings in one big wire, typically 200 amps, to the house.  This wire goes into a metal box.  There it is broken down into 20 or more smaller wires that power all the electrical items in the home.  

Old-school electrical panels were typically were about 60 amps.  Builders back in the old days had no idea of the hundreds of electrical items people would be using in today’s world.  So, when an older business building or home needs more power to run all these electrical items, they need to call an electrician in Riverside to take out the old electrical panel and put in one with more power.

The second most popular service requested at Tom Peters Electric is electrical panel repair.  There are many ways that electrical panels can become damaged.  One of the most common ways is water intrusion.  Many houses have their electrical panel in the basement.  Basements often leak.  

When homeowners notice water dripping out of their electrical panel, they need to immediately call an electrician Riverside CA.  Electricity plus water equals danger.  Eventually, corrosion will build up and there will be an increase in the resistance in the circuits.  This causes the wires to heat up and sooner or later will cause a fire.

The final item on the list of popular services provided by Todd Peters Electric is a décor item.  When renovating their homes or businesses many people like to install recessed lighting.  The design experts at Todd Peters Electric can tell homeowners which fixture will fit their needs and then provide installation at a reasonable cost. 

About Todd Peters Electric

With over 30 years of experience, the technicians at Todd Peters Electric provide first-class service. All electricians at Todd Peters Electric are fully licensed electricians.  We started in Rancho Cucamonga, Corona, and Redlands, CA.  Our home office is now in Grand Terrace so that we can serve the entire Riverside area. 

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