ArtSHINE Empowers Creatives to Pursue and Commercialize their Craft in a Highly Competitive Industry

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ArtSHINE Empowers Creatives to Pursue and Commercialize their Craft in a Highly Competitive Industry

October 12
23:36 2021
ArtSHINE joins hands with Sydney-based artist Valerie Khoo to license her art and connect her to clients in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

Many aspiring and deserving artists want to put their craft out in public. Drawing from the knowledge of industry professionals, ArtSHINE is one of the companies that help commercially-minded creatives to take their art and design practices to the next level through its specialist launch pad and accelerator coaching programs. Their flexible and real-world approach allows them to empower creatives to pursue their craft while building sustainable enterprises.

Valerie Khoo, a Sydney-based artist that ArtSHINE has helped, was able to license her art and meet clients in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Despite the increasing competition, she trusted ArtSHINE. This decision didn’t disappoint her. Likewise, ArtSHINE didn’t disappoint its other successful participants who aimed to commercialize their work. “When I was researching who to partner with, I found there were very few who understood what I wanted to achieve in commercializing and licensing my artwork. As soon as I started talking to ArtSHINE, I knew that we were speaking the same language, and they really understood my goals,” she said.

Based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Valerie Khoo’s design studio is where she creates her original artwork, which is bought by collectors worldwide. She also designs pattern collections that appear on wallpapers, fabrics, greeting cards, and lifestyle products with her printmaking expertise. Through ArtSHINE’s Accelerator Program, she developed the necessary nexus between creativity and commercialization. This has made her confident to fully transition her career from being a writer and teacher to an artist who is liberated by the creative expression that comes with painting. She has also completed a Diploma in Surface Design in her pursuit to become better at her craft.

ArtSHINE takes pride in its network of contacts with manufacturers and companies around the world, paving the way for Valerie to form collaborations with companies in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA that now license Valerie’s artwork on fine art prints, ceramics, linen, scarves, cushions and much more. Her original artworks usually incorporate floral or coastal elements. “I think this is because I live near the water, and I also get inspiration from my very large garden!” She quipped. Some of her recent collections are reflected in places like The Hamptons, The Riviera, and The Bahamas. By thinking about the setting and story with complete characters, she’s able to create a collection of patterns that fit the story in her head. The process of developing a collection with ArtSHINE has been incredibly rewarding for her.

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About ArtSHINE

Founded by Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex, ArtSHINE supports and empowers creatives with a full suite of services including agency representation, mentoring, commercialization of artwork, and developing a community of artists around the world. ArtSHINE also offers business coaching and education for commercially minded artists, designers, and creative professionals through its specialist launch pad and accelerator coaching programs helping commercially minded Creatives take their Art & Design practices to the next level.

The ArtSHINE Accelerator Program is the brand’s business coaching project that takes a creative’s practice to the next level. Graduates of the program are represented by ArtSHINE at various international art licensing trade shows worldwide to kickstart their debut on a global scale.

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