Bestselling Author Releases Anthology to Inspire Faith in the Middle of Chaos

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Bestselling Author Releases Anthology to Inspire Faith in the Middle of Chaos

October 13
16:10 2021
Bestselling Author Releases Anthology to Inspire Faith in the Middle of Chaos
There are many misconceptions when defining a woman’s strength and even misguided thoughts that women never shed tears or reach their breaking point. To reveal how women handle and overcome difficult situations with an abundance of the Lord’s grace and support from divinely placed people who help shoulder the burdens, LaKeitra Lee-Lord and eleven storytellers have released Women Unveiled, Vol. 2: Secrets of a Strong Woman.

BALTIMORE, MD – October 13, 2021 – In Women Unveiled, Vol. 2, bestselling author, LaKeitra Lee-Lord, along with eleven co-authors give transparent accounts about the secrets behind their strength. Their stories demonstrate real-life examples of what relying on God to conquer life’s difficulties looks like. Through the accounts of these women, who have endured great pressure yet continued to move forward when their circumstances could have left them cemented in pain or death, readers will learn to trust God’s plan for victory when the circumstances they face seem to point to failure.

“Your ability to endure and press while under extreme pressure is a sign of strength and should not be dismissed. If you fight on your knees, with the Bible, relying on God’s strength to fuel your own, you won’t lose!” says Visionary Etienne.

The topics covered in Women Unveiled, Vol. 2 will divulge the secrets of women who faced struggles but still seemed to keep it all together. From subject matters such as coping with significant loss, a career or life transition, overcoming domestic violence, depression, suicide, and parental struggles, embedded in the pages of this book is wisdom gleaned over numerous years by Erika Etienne and her co-authors. Through their array of perspectives, readers will be empowered to live confidently in their strength.

Women Unveiled, Vol. 2 speaks directly to those who are tired of the mischaracterizations of what strength is or what it looks like. “Readers will find that strength wears many faces and emotions, and there is not a single image that overpowers another.”

LaKeitra Lee-Lord is a devoted and highly accomplished infant developmental specialist and entrepreneur with diverse experience in special education and educational leadership. She received her bachelor of arts degree in deaf education from the University of Southern Mississippi and her master of arts in education and human development from The George Washington University. She received her post-master’s certification in educational leadership and administration from Hood College. Her mission is to live every day like it was the last, expecting the unexpected, taking on the unknown, while living and learning from every interaction.

Published by Publish Your Gift, Women Unveiled, Vol. 2: Secrets of a Strong Woman is now available for purchase.

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