The Advantages Of Gladline Precision Panel Saw

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The Advantages Of Gladline Precision Panel Saw

October 13
20:34 2021

Precision panel saw is a traditional woodworking machinery. It is widely used in furniture producing industrial. The advantages of sliding table saw are mentioned below:

1. The precision panel saw is 45° electric and manual dual-purpose, adopts a unique bearing seat form, and has less friction.

2. The main saw of the precision panel saw adopts fully-sealed electric lifting, and the lifting position is at the center of gravity of the main saw, so the load is small, labor-saving, and the structure is much better than the slider or the lifting main saw, and the failure rate is low.

3. The slot saw adopts direct screw drive, which is not easy to jam, and has upper and lower limit micro-switches for protection

4. The front and rear adjustment of the slot saw adopts the form of precision screw, which is very flexible during adjustment and is not easy to jam. The flexible shaft is used to adjust the slot saw before and after. The biggest disadvantage of the adjustment of the flexible shaft is that the adjustment is not flexible, there is a flexible margin, and it is easy to jam and rust. Wait,

5. The main shaft of the precision panel saw adopts the structure of the combination of the swing arm and slider, which overcomes the easy jam of the slider-type main saw when lifting; the shortcomings of the poor rigidity of the pure swing arm, while maintaining the flexible rotation of the swing arm; The sliding block type has the advantages of good rigidity. The main saw is assembled once and will not be adjusted for life. In this country, the stability of the main saw is very good.

6. The main saw and slot saw of the precision panel saw adopt a fully sealed structure, which is not easy to enter the dust, so it has the advantages of long life and fewer failures. It also adopts the seven-front multi-groove belt, which is thicker and has a long belt life.

7. The precision panel saw workbench adopts a reversible structure, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

8. The ash hopper adopts a streamlined structure to make full use of the aerodynamic force generated by the rotation of the main saw. A negative pressure is generated at the mouth of the ash hopper to blow the sawdust out of the saw. There is less dust on the workbench, so there is no need to add a dust collector. Easy to operate.

9. The working sliding table adopts the European seat 435mm wide heavy-duty sliding table, which has good rigidity, no vibration, not easy to deform, and long life.

10. The main saw of the precision panel saw is supported by secondary processing technology after loading and unloading. The end face is small and the structure is corrected. Therefore, the end face sawed by this saw has a small roughness and a high smoothness, which is convenient for edge sealing.

11. The precision panel saw adopts high-temperature baking paint, so the freshness preservation ability is 3 to 5 times longer than that of ordinary spray paint.

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