Success story of how resilience, diligence and determination catalyzed Siddhartha Vadlamudi’s meteoric growth & development

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Success story of how resilience, diligence and determination catalyzed Siddhartha Vadlamudi’s meteoric growth & development

October 14
21:28 2021

Siddhartha Vadlamudi is a prominent and established name in the US IT community in the field of AI, Iot & ML. He is a distinguished scholar who has published 16 papers in leading scientific journals with 83 citations cumulatively. He holds an MS in Computer Engineering from University of North Texas and is employed with Xandr Inc. as a Software Engineer II. In short, he is what every young engineering graduate wants to be. However, not everyone knows that he has been through a lot of struggles in his early days and that his supreme resilience, diligence and determination fueled his meteoric growth & development both professionally and personally.

Siddhartha was not even a year-old when tragedy struck his life. He lost he father, who was also the only earning member that supported the family. Born in a family of limited means, he was raised by his single mother in a distant neighborhood of Vijayawada, India. The worst disease in the world is poverty, they say, but having additional disease literally, is absolutely devastating. When he was 3, Siddhartha was diagnosed with a chronic kidney infection, which necessitated repeated hospitalizations and substantial monetary resources resulting in a huge burden on his mother. His mother worked very hard to raise her 2 children and keep the wolf from the door.

Siddhartha has been an outstanding scholar throughout his educational career whose academic accomplishments are equaled only by his personal strengths. After completing his secondary education, he discovered his natural talent and passion in the field of engineering and enrolled for B Tech. in Electronics and Computer Engineering from PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Vijayawada, alongside applying for immigration to the US. His forward planning helped him obtain both the admittance papers and the B tech. degree simultaneously. Moving to the US required a considerable sum of money which was again a crucial hinderance on his road to success. Again, his mother came to his rescue. Without any apprehension, she gave away her life’s earnings and arranged the remaining funds by mortgaging their ancestral house and that’s how Siddhartha landed in the US.

Before arriving to the US, Siddhartha had meticulously created a career progression path for himself with specific and measurable goals considering his skillset, talent and abilities. In line with this plan, he obtained an MS in Computer Engineering from University of North Texas in conjunction with numerous courses in in Pattern Recognition, Database Systems, Computer Algorithms, etc. to make him employment ready in the AI and ML fields.  

Siddhartha got his first big opportunity with Vintech Solutions Inc. He was responsible for building a framework using big data technologies that speed up the data processing along with implementing analytics, feedback systems, fraud prevention, fake policies etc. Later, his career path took him to another organization named Quixey, a mobile search engine. He assisted in reducing the company’s AWS costs by 60 percent and also implemented Content Pipeline with Big Data Technologies that resulted in better management of high data load.

Siddhartha gained exposure to fraud detection and prevention along with implementing analytics while working on the State farm project. This experience assisted him in contributing to American Express as a Senior Hadoop Developer. He handled detection and prevention of Email, ATM, and Credit Card frauds by using real time streaming technologies like spark streaming. With Comcast, he assisted in curating personalized offers for the consumers of the IP Video service across all streaming platforms by implementing data analysis and market segmentation strategies. With AT&T, he assisted in building a new platform on top of Enterprise Viewership Platform (EVP) using the building blocks of existing systems and used AWS Infrastructure to build the overall platform for EVP.

Today, Siddhartha is working as a Software Engineer II with Xandr Inc., the advertising division of AT&T, which is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for premium advertising. Throughout his career, he has worked with industry leading corporations who are ranked highly in the Fortune 500 list. His expansive multidisciplinary work experience stretches over several industries such as internet services, deep mobile search, banking, internet and telecom service providers, and electronic advertising, etc. and domains such as big data, AI, Machine Learning and IOT. He has worked with noteworthy industry leaders on diverse and complex issues. This expertise not only aided him in publishing independent research journals, but also allowed him to make significant contributions to the several papers that he co-authored.

We have all heard the phrase “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” In terms of life, these potholes will be events or situations on your life path. The potholes do make your ride uncomfortable but it is the destination that matters at the end. It is absolutely certain that at some point in your life, you are sure to run into a wall (difficulty) and for some of us, it may be more frequent than others, but the key to success is to not turn around and get past it anyhow you can. You may have to crawl under or jump over depending on your circumstances, but all that matters is to get past it.

Siddhartha poured his blood, sweat, and tears to make a highly successful career in the IT industry. He has made an enduring impact on the community of America’s most gifted intellectuals and IT specialists. When he is off work, he strives to build authentic relationships and seeks fresh inspiration and experiences to be the best version of himself. His success story is a true inspiration for the aspiring youth.

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