Innovative Meal Planner, The Hot Meal, Disrupts the Health-Tech Space

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Innovative Meal Planner, The Hot Meal, Disrupts the Health-Tech Space

October 15
04:59 2021
Meal planning fitness tool for calorie control & effective weight management with results.

Many web apps and digital meal planners we’ve reviewed like have led the charge in helping users control their diets, but an increasingly popular meal planner, over at The Hot Meal, led by its tech founder, China Noelle, and a growing staff, is now the first of its kind to ever incorporate grocery store databases and connect with external API, so that users can actually plan their meals directly from the grocery stores they already shop.

This level of digital innovation is exciting for the field of health technology, and The Hot Meal’s founder says there’s even more. She reports that the drag-and-drop functionality of the web app, which she built to promote the ease of daily meal planning, will help encourage users to plan more meals.

Typically, planning a meal for the week on the web app only takes a few minutes, especially if the user is already familiar with his or preferred foods and then The Hot Meal web app will take care of the rest.

This founder’s web app invention will generate a useful shopping list for the user, set the user’s calorie goal, and use smart analytics to track how closely the user is sticking with his or her calorie goal.

The implications of this tool are extensive: for one, it encourages smart meal planning without the use of complex recipes, but rather the use of everyday, realistic, items that one gets from one’s preferred grocery store. For two, it encourages budgeting.

As more and more women begin to enter the tech space as leaders, innovators, and thinkers, The Hot Meal’s founder, China Noelle, appears to be leading the charge in health-tech. She has a background as a three-time Ivy Leaguer, digital marketer, and cybersecurity-certified professional.

The founder’s web app began in the United States, serving thousands of users in its first year, and then expanded to serve U.K. users, and is scheduled to serve even more users internationally, in the coming month, covering English-speaking countries in the EU region first, then expanding to French- and German-speaking areas, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, as the company tries to manage collaborations with various international grocery stores.

Our pick for smartest web app this week goes to The Hot Meal, because it’s a calorie-conscious tool invented by a founder whose useful insights and analytics can help manage just how much is put in one’s body daily, monthly, and yearly. Moreover, it’s the only meal planner out there with a complete drag-and-drop functionality, weekly repeat scheduling, ease of shopping with a technical API that connects to grocery stores, and a large user base.

As we’ve covered on several tech- and health-focused pieces, exercise is only one piece of the health puzzle. Even the New York Times has published this salvo in the past; see “Exercise vs. Diet? What Children of the Amazon Can Teach Us About Weight Gain.” The consistent takeaway for health enthusiasts is that diet, not just exercise, accounts for weight management.

For more information on how to begin weight management through calorie goal-setting, visit The Hot Meal:

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