Author Kit Kane Scores Surprise Success with Sci-Fi Western Book Series

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Author Kit Kane Scores Surprise Success with Sci-Fi Western Book Series

November 10
00:40 2021
CANNONBALL EXPRESS, the new sci-fi western book series, written by UK author Kit Kane while he was in lockdown, wows science-fiction and fantasy readers worldwide.

Some people baked bread to get them through lockdown. Others took up painting. Not father of two, Kit Kane. Instead, he created a whole new world in a series of sci-fi books about a trio of daring young women who, in a strange alien junkyard on a terraformed and colonized Mars, discover the mysteriously preserved hulk of a legendary Old West steam locomotive. 

A rollicking, feelgood, sci-fi adventure

Titled CANNONBALL EXPRESS, the book series has proved to be an unexpected success for the UK author and TV writer, who says, “I truly wrote these books just for me and my two grown up daughters. Both my gals are big fantasy and science-fiction fans, and I wanted to create something for them that was fun, exciting, a little old-fashioned maybe—a kind of all-action sci-fi western that had female heroes at its core, monsters aplenty, a streak of wise-cracking comedy, a dash of romance, and bags and bags of heart. I guess I also wanted to write something that, while aimed primarily at adult readers, steered clear of bad language and gratuitous violence. Just a rollicking, feelgood, sci-fi adventure, you know? Something than anyone could enjoy. A little bit like THE MANDALORIAN, perhaps.”

It seems the writer has been a hit with more than just his two daughters, delighted readers calling the new book series “Thrill-a-minute!” and “A total joy!”, and fellow sci-fi author Barry J. Hutchison (SPACE TEAM) describing it as “Awesome! It’s BUFFY meets FIREFLY on Mars with trains!”

So what’s next for the author and the series?

As it stands, Kit Kane’s CANNONBALL EXPRESS series, available in print directly from The Kit Kane Bookstore and in eBook format exclusively from Amazon, has grown to be three books long, but will there be any more CANNONBALL EXPRESS stories coming down the tracks? 

“Absolutely!” the author says. “Book Four is already picking up steam!”

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