Mom-Daughter Duo Introduces Snorflers, The Stuffed Animals that Give Back

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Mom-Daughter Duo Introduces Snorflers, The Stuffed Animals that Give Back

November 11
15:21 2021
Mom-Daughter Duo Introduces Snorflers, The Stuffed Animals that Give Back
These hand-knit, ethically produced stuffed animals help parents and kids bond, teach kids to set goals, support artisans in Peru and provide clean water to those around the globe.

Today, parenting has gotten more challenging. With rapidly changing technology, it has proved to be difficult for parents and kids to connect. Therapists have noted the struggle this is causing parents, as they attempt to bridge the gap between them and their children. Seeing this problem is the mother and daughter duo Shelle and Jen and that is what inspired them to create their company- Snorfler. The idea of Snorfler was created by Shelle, Jen’s mom when Jen was just 3 years old. Snorfler was used to help motivate her and her sisters to do chores, read books, and clean their rooms while collecting Snorfler points. This concept was so incredibly effective and it worked! Shelle still uses Snorfler in her classroom over 20 years later because it still works! Looking back on her childhood, Jen’s Snorfler “Maria” is one of her highlights. That is when she knew that she wanted to bring Snorfler to every household in America and their company Snorfler was born.

About Snorfler

Snorflers all started by Shelle drawing an imaginary animal that she thought of in her head. Snorfler is best described as a mix between an elephant and an ant eater. It is truly one of a kind. This drawn image was then brought to life by artisans in Peru. Artisans carefully hand knit each Snorfler using premium 100% cotton yarn. Shelle and Jen were connected to these artisans through World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). WFTO ensures that every artisan is paid fair trade wages so that they have livable, sustainable incomes for them and their families. Making sure every step of the process is doing good was really important to this mother-daughter duo when they were building their company. It doesn’t stop there. Jen was listening to a podcast when she heard that still nearly 1 in 3 people do not have access to clean water. Blown away and saddened at this fact, she knew that this is the cause she wanted to support and help change. Therefore, they partnered with Water For People so that with every purchase of a Snorfler you give clean water. 12” Snorflers gives 50 gallons of clean water and 19” Snorflers gives 75 gallons of clean water – let’s make a change. Their company goal is to give 1 million gallons of clean water to those across the globe and they need your help.

What Makes Snorfler Unique

This concept that makes Snorfler so unique is that with every purchase you get a hand knit Snorfler AND a Snorfler Notebook. This Notebook is what Jen collected her Snorfler points in growing up. She still loves looking back through her Snorfler Notebook that acts as a type of journal for her. These Snorfler notes are left by parents, but signed by “Snorfler” for their kids to find. With each note found they collect Snorfler points. This creates a super fun and motivating concept for kids. For example, if you want to encourage your kid to keep a cleaner room make sure to leave them a note when they make their bed. “Great job on such a well-made bed today. Keep it up here is 3 points” – Snorfler. They will then take that note and glue it in their Snorfler Notebook to collect their points. As the kids collect points it is important for parents and their kids to sit down to discuss a goal or reward that the children will receive after collecting their Snorfler points. There are other ways for your child to collect Snorfler points like completing reading charts, potty training charts and chore charts. The more ways you incorporate Snorfler into their everyday lives, the more effective it will be. Also, by sitting down parents and kids can connect and learn more about their interests.

Snorfler Points

For user ease, all charts are all available to quickly download and print on our members page on our website. On this page you can also find pre-filled Snorfler notes so parents can easily print, cut and leave the notes for their children. Access to the members page costs $4.99 a month for unlimited pdf downloads. For this reason, many customers say that Snorfler is “like an elf on the shelf, but year-round.”

In addition, the notebooks can also be used in other ways for kids not old enough to collect Snorfler points. It can be used as drawing book, journal or as place for parents to document their child growing up with Snorfler. For example, one really touching story was when a Snorfler was purchased by a lady to give to her grandson that is in NICU. He is recovering from his 4th heart surgery at just 5 months old. The Snorfler and Snorfler notebook will be used to document his recovery and journal him and Snorfler growing up together.

Snorflers are safe toys for newborns and children. The company has tested each Snorfler for any toxic metals or materials through a third-party facility. Also, every Snorfler contains hypoallergenic stuffing to make it safe for kids. Hand washing the product is recommended but it can also be cleaned on a gentle cycle in the washer.

Snorflers truly are more than just hand-knit stuffed animals. They are a stuffed animal that can come to life and bring so much joy to your childrens life. By purchasing a Snorfler you know you are doing good.

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