Companies Improve Employee Safety With Protective Gear

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Companies Improve Employee Safety With Protective Gear

November 13
02:16 2021
Companies Improve Employee Safety With Protective Gear

Workplaces across the nation and around the globe have a need to protect their employees from various hazards. Depending on the type of industry they’re operating in, dangers can come from numerous directions. That means safeguarding workers isn’t quite the same for every facility. Regardless of the hazards workers may be exposed to or the types of protection required to keep them safe, it’s important to understand the full impact PPE can have on the company. 

Providing the PPE That Workers Need

For more than 60 years, California Industrial Rubber Co. has been providing plastic and rubber products for the commercial, industrial, and agricultural industries as well as other sectors. They offer a broad range of products to keep machinery, equipment, and operations up and running. They also offer protective clothing and gear to keep workers safe from the hazards they face on the job. 

Meeting Employee’s Protection Needs

Several types of PPE and protective clothing are available from suppliers like at present. Each piece of gear is designed to fill a crucial role in the health and safety of employees. Of course, it’s also important to ensure those items don’t interfere with employees’ everyday tasks or detract from productivity. Take a look at some of the most common types of PPE in today’s workplaces. 

Protective Eyewear

Protecting the eyes is vital in the workplace. Sparks, flying debris, heat, and caustic chemicals are only a few of the issues that could cause eye injuries. According to the latest reports, approximately 2,000 people sustain eye injuries at work each day in the United States. Safety glasses, goggles, and other protective eyewear can help prevent those injuries. 

Gloves and Footwear

Gloves and footwear are also essential in certain scenarios. Workers who are exposed to corrosive substances, heat, and sharp objects are at greater risk of hand, leg, and foot injuries, though those who work in the electrical industry also require protection for their hands and feet. These types of PPE can help prevent burns, cuts, electrocution, and many other types of injuries, but not all are created equally. Visit to find out more about the different types of gloves and boots at your disposal and how they can protect employees. 

Hard Hats

Hard hats can go a long way toward protecting workers against falling objects and potentially fatal impacts. According to a recent write-up, OSHA estimates that a worker is injured by a falling object every ten minutes in America. Though hard hats can’t prevent all injuries, they can certainly reduce the impact of injuries caused by falling objects. 

Keeping Employees Safe

Companies have varying needs when it comes to PPE and protective clothing for their employees. These are a few of the most common types of PPE used in the workplace, but the employees may require more in-depth protection. Companies should consider the type of industry they’re in as well as the specific hazards present in their facility to determine the best way to fully protect their workers and ensure they’re exposed to as little risk as possible while performing their duties.

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