Crypter emerges as the next-big thing in crypto social media, launches “Next Safe Moon With Great Utility”

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Crypter emerges as the next-big thing in crypto social media, launches “Next Safe Moon With Great Utility”

November 18
01:45 2021
With cryptocurrency growing by leaps and bounds, the emergence of several new players in the crypto space won’t come as a surprise. However, Crypter, with its social media networking interface, similar to Facebook, is considered a stand-out and the next big thing by crypto experts and enthusiasts. The launch of “Next Safemoon With Great Utility ” and SHIBA INU is indeed creating a buzz among crypto-lovers and slated to take Crypter to the next level.

Manila, Philippines – November 17, 2021 – Over the last decade, the global social media space has sprawled significantly and helped long-lost friends and, later, businesses to connect with each other. However, on the other hand, despite the substantial growth of cryptocurrency, not many social media platforms seem to be friendly with crypto content. Crypter, a social networking platform with its innovative, fresh, and user-friendly thought process, is out to make a difference. The Facebook-like platform will allow users to share crypto-related content sans the toxicity that one may experience on other platforms.

Crypter serves both crypto enthusiasts and crypto aspirants. Its Engage-to-Earn reward system allows users to share gains, and losses neutrally, which means without any fear of toxicity. Further, it enables them to flex NFTs, chat with fellow enthusiasts, and create private groups. The platform has already secured over 10,000 holders and a peak market cap of $40 million with significant growth potential.

One of the crypto enthusiasts said, “Crypter brings a host of enthralling money-making opportunities. We’ve loved the platform so far. It is easy to use and convenient with an interface as intriguing as Facebook. I’ve got friends and family groups on Crypter, and we share our earnings freely on the platform without any fear. Crypter will go a long way, and we really look forward to growing with the platform.”

Another crypto-lover said, “Initially, I was a bit skeptical, whether to register on Crypter or not. But I did with the recommendations of some of my friends. And I found it rewarding. Crypter holds a lot of promise with its interface, well-vetted ads, and Engage-to-Earn system that pays users for every post, like, comment they make on their Crypter profile. Now, I, in turn, will recommend Crypter to others.

About Crypt Token ($CRYPT)

The crypto community appears to be gaining momentum with “the next big thing” after the SHIBA INU buzz, and many people are eyeing the Crypt Token ($CRYPT). The highly innovative crypto token is here to support the substantial growth and development of Crypter, reward holders and simultaneously offer various utilities. Here, growth in the trading volumes can signify an increased interest in the token. With its features, $Crypt Token, which is the official currency of Crypter, has earned the description, “next safemoon with great utility.”

The tokenomics promotes stability and helps the ecosystem grow sustainably, along with rewarding its holders. Additionally, Crypter is continuously evolving as the project is achieving milestones. It has purchased domains for over $23,000 and launched apps on iOS and Android. 

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