Raleigh Residents Prepare for a Pest-Free Winter Season

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Raleigh Residents Prepare for a Pest-Free Winter Season

December 04
00:27 2021
Raleigh Residents Prepare for a Pest-Free Winter Season

As anyone who has spent a winter in Raleigh, North Carolina, knows, insect pests, rodents, and nuisance animals are not a three-season issue. They’re just as prevalent in the winter, and some pests can even become more active if they find their way into a home with plenty of available food and water. The good news is that there’s still time for homeowners to take preventative action before the temperatures start to drop.

Steps to Take Inside the Home

There are two very important steps to take inside the home to prevent winter pests from becoming active: eliminating water sources and ensuring that insect pests don’t have access to food. Obviously, these steps won’t eliminate the pests completely. Instead, they take advantage of an insect evolutionary measure called diapause that causes overwintering pests to become inactive during the coldest months.

In the wild, where food and water sources become scarce after the temperatures start to drop, most insects switch over to this low-energy state to conserve resources until spring. If the insects get access to food, though, they’ll revert back to their normal, active state. Prevent them from getting into food stored in the pantry by putting all of it in hard plastic or glass containers, make sure no one leaves dirty dishes out, and never leave the trash uncovered.

Eliminating Access Points

Area pest control experts like those at Sustainable Pest Systems recommend exclusion as the best way to prevent rodent infestations. Homeowners can perform this essential maintenance task themselves by finding and sealing all of the holes and cracks in their basements, siding, weather stripping, chimneys, and vents. However, most choose to work with professionals that can get the job done quickly and guarantee that every potential access point is sealed. Visit https://sustainablepest.com/ to get in touch with one local company that can help.

Keeping the Yard Clean

Pests that make their way into residential homes have to come from somewhere. More often than not, they find comfortable places to nest in the yard while the temperatures are still reasonably warm, then move from these outdoor nests to the inside of the house when the first frost hits or soon thereafter. Cleaning up the yard before winter can make it less hospitable to insects, rodents, and nuisance animals, making it easier to keep them at bay.

Start by cleaning up brush piles and leaf litter. Both rodents and a wide variety of insects often turn to these areas as perfect nesting grounds in the fall, using them as jumping-off points to nearby residential homes. 

Rodents like to hide in clutter and may take up residence in the family’s woodpile. Homeowners who rely on wood heat should keep their wood piles at least 20 feet away from the house. Even if the wood is already stacked, covered, and ready for use, it’s worth taking the time to move it now to prevent pest intrusions all winter long.

Call for Professional Help

If it sounds like pest-proofing homes for winter is a lot of work, that’s because it is. Homeowners in Raleigh don’t have to do all the work themselves, though. They can trust the experts at Sustainable Pest to provide all the help they need. Visit https://sustainablepest.com/contact/ to reach out or call (919) 752-3284 to schedule service before winter hits.

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