Playform Proves It Boosts Trainees’ Performance by Up to 30% with Only 8 Minutes a Day

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Playform Proves It Boosts Trainees’ Performance by Up to 30% with Only 8 Minutes a Day

December 09
14:33 2021
The first physical training mobile app that provides trainees with real-time feedback based on deep technology and AR.

Playform is an AI-powered soccer skills measurement mobile app. It is designed to provide real-time feedback and improve youth soccer players’ skills. Just like language, math and music, skill apps provide real-time feedback and scores to their users. Physical training apps can learn from Playfrom. It is the first that uses deep tech to provide its trainees with real-time feedback and boost their performance like a real live personal coach.

“The personal training and development app market is worth 192 billion dollars. Though many skill-learning apps like language, math and music provide feedback to the trainees about their accuracy and progress, the physical fitness ones still lack the ability. Playform is the first app that actually sees the trainee. It provides real-time feedback and customized training programs to help soccer players become the best soccer player version of themselves,” stated Shmulik Barel, CEO of Playform.

The average private soccer coaching session costs about 70 USD, and less than 2 percent of the trainees can afford it. Whether the trainee aspires to join a league or play pro, they have to go on that path. This is a major concern among teams. However, parents and coaches find a solution with Playform. Now, players have a digital assistant coach — available to download on IOS and Android — that can help trainees strengthen the skills they need.

“For the first time ever, I managed to drive 50 percent of my players to train on their own at home without needing my direct supervision,” shared Coach Valente of Parkland Soccer Club.

Playform improves its trainees’ performance by up to 30 percent with just eight minutes of practice a day. Within six months of being live, the app has nearly 60,000 active players and reached a 4.8 out of 5 score on app stores.

Coaches and trainees can access this elite, personalized player development technology on their smartphones at any time. It is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store.

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About Playform

Playform is a fast-growing startup in the sports tech field. Its AI-powered soccer skills measurement mobile app provides real-time feedback and improves youth soccer players’ skills with nothing but the trainees’ mobile phones. The company launched its current app to the stores in 2021 and has already reached a 4.8 score on the app store.

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