New Abolish Project DAO aiming to resolve student loan crisis

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New Abolish Project DAO aiming to resolve student loan crisis

December 10
18:33 2021
Abolish Project DAO is a state-of-the-art Aragon-based DAO which is driven by the mission to put an end to the ongoing student loan crisis in the US.

Tampa, FL – December 10, 2021 – Around 43 million Americans are currently saddled with student loans. The problem is reaching an alarming high with every passing year with barely any solution around, until now. An upcoming Aragon-based DAO, Abolish Project DAO, is launching this week with the mission to effectively bid adieu to the glaring student loan crisis across the US.

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It refers to an organized body of people which is decentralized and shares a common specific mission.  

“The average student loan debt in the US is around $39,351. More than 40% of students in the country are in student loan debt today. It takes years after you graduate to pay off these loans, eventually putting all your other major goals in the backseat. Is this a life that you have envisioned? Certainly not. This is where Abolish Project DAO will come to your rescue”, stated the founder of Abolish Project DAO.  

In an exclusive interview, the founder of the upcoming DAO shared that he is well aware of the problem (student debt crisis) and it’s his own first-hand experience with student loans which inspired him to develop the Abolish Project DAO.  

“I myself have student loans and know the financial difficulties it causes. But we cannot let it rule us forever. The time has come for us to tackle the student loan crisis and we finally have the means and the tools to defeat it.  We can no longer sit by and continue to ignore a generation enslaved by these loans. Abolish Project DAO has been uniquely designed to abolish all student loans and put an end to the master-slave dynamic  that comes with it.” 

So, how would the upcoming Abolish Project DAO resolve the student loan crisis in the country? According to the statements of the visionary founder, Abolish Project will take a strategic 3-pronged approach to solve the problem here. 

First approach: 

The state-of-the-art Abolish Project DAO will utilize DAO funds to support “Direct Payments” to lenders, on  behalf of the student borrowers. The process applies to loans disbursed before 12/10/2021. Abolish Project DAO will help to pay off the outstanding funds to both government and private lenders. 

Second Approach: 

Abolish DAO will motion to “Lobby” the federal and State government officials to influence a planned course of action to remedy the spiraling problem of student loan crisis in the country. 

Third Approach: 

Abolish Project DAO will “Advocate” with the goal to influence specific decisions within social and economic institutions to attain a fair and favorable decision for handling the student loan crisis. 

Top features of Abolish Project DAO – 

  • Completely Decentralized – It’s a completely online, decentralized, global entity and hence its administrative powers and functions are not restricted to a limited concentrated area.
  • Autonomous – It’s completely autonomous and self-governing, and not controlled by anybody from outside.
  • Meticulously Organized – The DAO is backed by an organized team of people driven by one particular mission.
  • Completely Transparent – The project assures absolute transparency which eventually makes the investments less risky. Moreover, investors will always have clear information about all the strategic decisions made for the project. 

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