Zachary Lott, NP Opens Nexus HealthSpan to Help Extend People’s HealthSpan & Elevate Their Quality of Life

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Zachary Lott, NP Opens Nexus HealthSpan to Help Extend People’s HealthSpan & Elevate Their Quality of Life

December 10
20:18 2021
This new specialty preventive medicine clinic is based in Corona del Mar, California and offers services statewide.

Nexus HealthSpan is a multi-disciplinary integrative medical practice. The Nexus team are experts in metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease prevention. They spend the time to educate their patients about their health so that they feel empowered to contribute in a collaborative approach to their care.

“We empower people to do what inspires them in life. Through a holistic approach to care, we view each person as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. Our approach provides the benefit of time to lay the groundwork to achieve the greatest success,” shared a member of the Nexus team.

Nexus HealthSpan offers a variety of services, including Cardiometabolic Disease Prevention, Lifestyle Optimization, Supplementation and IV Therapy. Aside from IV Therapy that requires a scheduled appointment, all services can be conducted through telehealth visits.

The focus of the Cardiometabolic Disease Prevention services is to prevent heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. The Nexus providers are experts in metabolic health and utilize genetic testing, advanced cholesterol and inflammation biomarkers and specialty imaging to better assess and treat the patients under their care.

“I want screening with imaging, such as ultrasound, and laboratory testing earlier to begin much earlier than the guidelines. I have found diffuse cardiovascular disease in patients in their early 30s and have been able to reduce their risk factors and watch their disease progress year over year. The science is clear that cardiovascular disease comes from the lifetime of exposure to risk factors. The earlier we intervene, the better the outcomes are which also comes with less of a financial burden on the healthcare system,” shared the Founder. “If your provider has never discussed Lipoprotein(a) or Apolipoprotein B, you need to be asking questions.”

The Nexus team aims to extend healthspan and elevate the quality of life — all while staying true to their values, including honesty and transparency, giving and excellence in each endeavor.

Founder Zachary Lott, NP has partnered with the world-renowned OB/GYN Physician, Barbara Levy, MD. Together, the team are strong advocates for optimal metabolic health, cardiovascular disease prevention and the unique needs of both men and women. The two are leaders in their fields and, as a team, strive to be a nationally recognized leaders in integrative health and to be an educational resource for both healthcare consumers and providers.

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About Nexus HealthSpan

Nexus HealthSpan is a multi-disciplinary medical practice with expertise in cardiometabolic disease prevention.

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