The rising star of 2022’s NFT game… Creature Hunters is coming

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The rising star of 2022’s NFT game… Creature Hunters is coming

December 13
11:27 2021

While the whole world is fighting the coronavirus, the stock price of NFT games is skyrocketing day after day according to the trend of the non-face-to-face era.

Numerous NFT games have been released and received enormous interest from users. Also, many game companies have declared their games to be NFTs and have been focusing on development.

While thousands of NFT games are being created, rumors about a new NFT game that users can trust and play are preparing to be released are spreading around.

That is Creature Hunters, the protagonist of the rumor.

Hitoshi Mogi, a top tier producer of Japanese animation (Crayon Shin-chan, One Piece: Episode of Luffy – Adventure on Hand Island, etc.), Korean animation top tier producer Jo Beom Jin (AAchi&SSipak, Magic Cheonjamun, etc.) and Korean writer Kim Min Jo (Cocomong Season 2, Papier Friends, Spookies Theatrical Version, etc.) are working together in the Creature Hunters project. It is a project that will bring you the joy of having a cake while watching animation and playing its NFT game, all at the same time.

The basic story of Creature Hunters is about the ‘Cardia’ stone, carrying the ultimate power that can move the universe, which has crashed somewhere in Seoul on Earth due to a cosmic explosion. The Earth now is in danger because the creatures have invaded the Earth to occupy the ‘Cardia’ stone. Also, on that explosion, five flames fell to Earth and stayed in the toys of the Earth children. They stay with the children and transform into five Hunters to protect the Earth from alien creatures.

Based on this story, the official explains that it will bring greater synergy by developing it into an NFT game in which you are not only watching an animation but can also join and build your own story.

Moreover, under the supervision of a famous production crew that is well-known to everyone, it is considered a much more reliable NFT game compares to others that has higher growth potential in the future.

In 2022, it seems to be the only game that can change the landscape of the NFT game market.




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