Cryptoshack is beyond excited to welcome their newest member on board, Michael O’Keefe.

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Cryptoshack is beyond excited to welcome their newest member on board, Michael O’Keefe.

December 13
23:48 2021
Michael O’Keefe, who played Danny Noonan in the movie Caddyshack has officially joined the Cryptoshack NFT family, the most elusive underground society in the cryptoverse.

San Francisco, CA – Cryptoshack is shaking up the NFT world and everyone is invited to join them on the journey. But beware, a rebellion is brewing. The underground tunnels have transformed into a battle zone, as the gophers have decided to wage war against the affluent members of Bushwood Crypto Club. Confused? Read on to find out.

Cryptoshack: The Battle At Bushwood is an NFT project inspired by the hit 1980 film Caddyshack. The collection of 7,218 NFT’s is quickly becoming a must own for NFT collectors, fantasy sports enthusiasts and golfers alike, and is expected to be one of the top projects released this year.

Launching later in December, the utility is incredibly unique and unlike anything we’ve seen from the NFT space to date. The other big differentiator is that unlike almost all other NFT projects who claim to have a game coming on the roadmap,Cryptoshack NFT has two games already built, a weekly fantasy crypto competition and a unique spin onFantasy Golf, and the games are playable on day one when the collection drops.

Perhaps the biggest collaboration with Cryptoshack we’ve seen, Michael O’Keefe, one of the stars, who played Danny Noonan on the hit movie Caddyshack, has officially joined the Cryptoshack family he’s become a fixture within the discord community. Some PGA Tour golfers have also been rumored to have joined the Cryptoshack. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we begin to see those Bored Ape twitter profile pictures changing to gophers in the near future.

All members join the Cryptoshack as gophers or caddies. However, immediately upon arrival, they will be faced with the toughest decision they will ever have to make – Do they remain pesky varmints forever, or choose to evolve into members of the elite and sometimes a bit snobby society, where members may just find themselves walking down the prestigious halls of the most famous Crypto Club in the metaverse.

The three pillars of Cryptoshack are exciting play-to-earn games, authentic and unique art and the incredibly vibrant community. Your Cryptoshack NFT doubles as your all-access VIP membership card.

There are three ways to attain a coveted Bushwood membership card:

Option 1: Collect 2 caddies, either by minting (2,350 total), or purchasing though the secondary market on Opensea. You will then have to burn both caddies to receive your coveted new Bushwood member card.

Option 2: Collect 1 of 150 Golden Gophers, either through mint or through the secondary market. Burn your golden gopher, get your Bushwood Member NFT.

Option 3: Collect 1 of 18 super rare, honorary members, either through mint or through the secondary market. Honorary members are the only NFT’s in the collection that do not have to be burned, as they are automatically members from the day they are minted.

This is by far the easiest way to achieve member status, the Gambling NFTequivalent of taking an unlimited amount of mulligans to snatch victory from the hands of defeat.

NFT owners will not only own authentic and unique art, but enjoy bolt-on utility that is unmatched in today’s NFT market. Bask in the glory of all the high utility perks that go along with prestigious membership.

Most projects we’ve seen have a Roadmap where they talk about a game possibly coming in the future. Cryptoshack seems to do everything just a tad better than the rest. They decided to have their game built out and playable on day one to benefit all Cryptoshack holders.

The games within the Cryptoshack ecosystem will use the projects own $GOLF token, which holders will accumulate daily by staking their Cryptoshack NFT. Those who elect to stake will have the chance to use $GOLF in a number of ways, including the option to play in the weekly ‘Backroom-Fantasy Crypto Challenge’, and compete for large ETH purses (50% of all secondary royalties). Think DraftKings, but for crypto.

Gophers and members alike who stake will also be able to enter a unique fantasy golf competition that will follow the PGA Tour each week, just for staking and with no outside entry fees. So just by holding your Cryptoshack NFT you’ll have a chance to win Ethereum.

The Cryptoshack Collection is made up of 7,218 digital, non-fungible tokens.





Each member of the Cryptoshack is unique, generated from over 1 million possible outcomes based on over 200 individual traits. Traits include fur, clothing, mouth, eyes, ears, headwear, hands, and background. All members of the Cryptoshack are stored as ERC-721 tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cryptoshack also has big plans for the Metaverse. They are excited to build out their parcels in The Sandbox Game. Additionally, their Cryptoshack devs will expand into Decentraland and other up and coming platforms to keep a strong presence in the ‘play to earn’ space.

Learn more about Cryptoshack at Chat with the team, others in the community, and have a say in shaping the future of cryptoshack on their discord linked below.

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