DJ Jaylo is Winning Hearts Around the World with his Music

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DJ Jaylo is Winning Hearts Around the World with his Music

December 15
23:06 2021
DJ Jaylo is popular with music lovers across the world. He has been working hard to make his mark in the music industry.

GREENSBORO, NC, USA – DJ Jaylo, the rising DJ from Greensboro, North Carolina, is thrilling the world of music with his amazing music and beat matchmaking skills. He is a world-famous Disc Jockey and Record Producer. He has established himself as one of the most famous Disk Jockeys at the global level. Jaylo is passionate about Hip Hop and Rap.


“Music is my life and I put my heart and soul in every Record I produce,” says DJ Jaylo. “I would like to thank my fans and well-wishers for all the appreciation, love and encouragement I have received. It really feels phenomenal and surreal.”

Jaylo’s childhood was filled with rhythm and the sounds of music. His career in music started at a young age when he began playing drums in his school band. It was during this time that Jaylo’s interests in beats, rhythms, and melodies truly prospered.

After graduating from university, Jaylo wanted to accomplish something meaningful in his professional life. He was a great fan of contemporary DJs who fired his imagination with their gigs. He realized that he cannot live without music and decided to become a DJ. He purchased his first DJ mixer and practiced from dawn to dusk to stand out. Gradually, he started getting recognition and was being regularly invited to perform on various occasions.


“The motto of my life is doing anything only if you have the passion, the determination, and the motivation,” remarks Jaylo. “I consider myself blessed as I was born and brought up in Greensboro, North Carolina; legendary for old-time melodies and rap music. This place is a cradle for Gospel music, too. Music remains an integral part of my place and I feel proud of this. I like to make friendly and upbeat music catering to people of all ages.”

DJ JAYLO works hard to ensure musical delight on all his projects and this reflects in his music. All the records he has produced so far have become popular with the youth across the globe. The records show his diversity and versatility as an artist. This is the kind of music that is truly authentic & timeless. His records have memorable riffs, deep lyrics and outstanding beats to go along with catchy melodies. He has the ability to weave magic with his voice and music that can touch the depths of one’s soul.

“It was not easy for a newcomer DJ like me to come this far. It was challenging, but I was determined not to give up. I had complete faith in my music and my talent,” notes Jaylo. “I knew I just had to work hard, produce great music and share it with the world. And it worked, slowly and steadily. My skills were getting recognized. I received a lot of positive feedback, which encouraged me to keep producing good tracks.”

His advice to upcoming DJs, “I suggest watching YouTube Videos and Free Tutorials or associating with a neighbourhood DJ companion that can show you the nuts and bolts of beat matchmaking, operating DJ Software, making music from scratch, and so on. The quintessence of DJing is the capacity to move individuals with music. Various settings will draw in various groups, which will require various things from the DJ. A great DJ will realize how to understand groups and know which tunes to oblige them.”

DJ Jaylo wants to flaunt his hip hop style to the entire world. He intends on doing a tour of the entire US and Europe once this pandemic ends.

For booking information, features and other inquires, send an email or reach out via Jaylo’s social media profiles.

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