Kev Ashcroft’s Outsourcing For Success Teaches How to Make the Most of Freelance Talent and Boost any Business’s Profits and Efficiency

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Kev Ashcroft’s Outsourcing For Success Teaches How to Make the Most of Freelance Talent and Boost any Business’s Profits and Efficiency

December 16
00:03 2021
Kevin Ashcroft is a serial entrepreneur and author of Outsourcing for Success. With decades of entrepreneurial experience under his belt, Kev imparts the best-kept secrets of outsourcing and how it can help any business flourish.

As the world embraces digital transformation, thousands of both well-established and promising fresh firms have been hard-pressed to sustain and retain their staff. The explosion of technology and information has opened the doors to online modes of working, offboarding, and onboarding.

Kev Ashcroft, a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in the IT world points at outsourcing as one of the healthiest tools a company can utilize. While the rest of the world struggles to create, manage, and organize local teams, Kevin imparts that outsourcing is substantially more beneficial in terms of logistics and financially:

“People are often reluctant to explore outsourcing, as they are wary of dealing with people they may never meet face-to-face. In reality, it’s not an issue, as long as you’re familiar with the various processes involved. Let me help guide you through the outsourcing world and give you the best possible chance of success in using this great way to run and grow your business.”

In his latest book Outsourcing for Success, Kevin divulges practical advice regarding outsourcing staff augmentation, delves deep into topics that are commonly overlooked, and offers valuable insight regarding outsourcing tools and systems any brand can use.

Kevin has mentored at Strathclyde University, Entrepreneurial Spark, Project Scotland, and numerous private clients. A decade ago, he ventured away from the world of IT and shifted his focus to becoming a teacher and a mentor.

In 2021, Kevin’s Outsourcing for Success has become a staple in entrepreneurial literature, helping hundreds of promising CEOs and business owners establish their firms both locally and globally.

With Outsourcing for Success, Kevin has taught numerous satisfied clients how to properly, quickly, and cost-efficiently create, maintain, and run remote teams of freelancers. The book touches on topics including the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing, where to search for the best talent, how to write good job posts, shortlisting and interviewing applicants, onboarding talents, and more.

Outsourcing for Success was published on Amazon on the 14th of May 2021. It is available in Paperback and Kindle editions.

Kevin emphasizes that it’s only human to make mistakes and that his trials and tribulations have netted him a wealth of experience and insight that he wants to impart to the world:

“I’ve made a lot of great decisions and a few bad ones that you often learn more from. These have led to a wealth of experience and understanding of the journey we entrepreneurs are on and how to make it easier than it often appears. I now provide the benefit of my experience and battle scars so that you can enjoy your journey, grow your business and make better decisions faster than you thought possible.“

More information about Kev Ashcroft and Outsourcing for Success can be found on Kevin’s official website.

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