JASMINER X4 helps gallop the bull market (Mining)

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JASMINER X4 helps gallop the bull market (Mining)

December 16
21:27 2021

“The currency in the account is decreasing a little bit.” Lucy, a professional currency speculator, sighed. Her account has lost about 70 bitcoins in market value in the most recent month.

Seven years ago, after graduating from university, she joined an Internet company to work and gradually came into contact with blockchain and Bitcoin.

In 2019, the Bitcoin market gradually increased. Lucy and her family had a dispute over the issue of buying a house. She was outraged that she put the money for buying a house into the speculation account. After earning a few pennies, she simply resigned from the company to speculate coins professionally. “Because the money is earned by myself, the family did not support or oppose the resignation.”

At its peak on May 12, 2021, the market value of all virtual currencies in the Lucy account is approximately equal to 89 bitcoins. In addition to buying bitcoins, she will also buy other cryptocurrencies on the trading platform, but in the end it will be priced in bitcoins. According to the closing price of 49,000 US dollars that day, the account funds are approximately 4.36 million US dollars.

Today, after experiencing the biggest loss in her life in speculation, she has only 21 bitcoins left with a market value of approximately $723,000, which is only one-sixth of the peak value.

“It’s really scary, you just watch the currency in your account decrease a little bit.” Recalling the plunge, Lucy’s tone was a little excited. “Compared with the risk that the currency price fell, I was more worried about going short, so I didn’t choose to sell because I thought it would still go up.”

There are not a few speculators like Lucy who have fallen from the bull market. In fact, the currency market is still known for its volatility. According to calculations based on the past chart of Bitcoin prices, there have been 10 cases of cumulative declines of 20% or more since 2016. There were 7 cases where there was a 30% drop; there were 4 times where there was a drop of more than 48%. The accelerated rise of bitcoin prices will inevitably form a larger bubble, especially the risk is also extremely magnified, and investors need to pay attention to the risks.

Whether it is mining or speculating coins, it is a way of making money with coins. However, coin speculation is essentially a gamble. Even in a bull market, it can be impoverished by its ability, and its high risk is self-evident. Compared with speculation, if an investor is a person who wants to manage risks and make money steadily, mining is one of the least risky investments.

Because mining is an industry, it is a mode of earnest money. For Ethereum, the so-called mining is actually a process of packing blocks and competing for the right to keep accounts. Whoever can win the right to keep accounts will get the rewards given by the system in Ether.

For mining, some practitioners in the mining circle gave three suggestions. One is to participate in valuable projects, and only valuable projects have considerable room for development. The second is to participate early, because the cost of early participation is low, and the later the investment, the higher the cost. The third is to choose the right miner. The so-called right, the most important thing is to have technical strength, because the blockchain is technology that creates value, and technology comes first.

As one of the leading brands in the mining machine field, JASMINER has been deeply plowing the mining machine market and continues to promote the replacement of mining machines. JASMINER focuses on the technical research and development of dedicated mining chips and mining machines for Ethereum, and has the leading strength in “high computing power and low power consumption” mining machine technology among global miners. In the newly developed JASMINER X4-S, the power consumption is 2400W and the computing power is 5200MH/s±10%. In the case of relative currency price and computing power difficulty, electricity bills account for only 1%, and it has become a well-deserved “money printing machine” that never goes out of power. Currently, according to JASMINER’s official website, the prices of its three main mining machine products (excluding tax) are: JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server is 10,275 US dollars, JASMINER X4 High-throughput server is US$51,375, and JASMINER X4-S is US$102,750.

Generally speaking, although mining or currency speculation is an investment behavior of individual choice, from the perspective of profitability, there are still optimal choices in different market environments. Before investing, people should understand more about the principle of income and make choices based on their actual conditions, so that they can make the most reasonable judgments at the right time.

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