Super virus strikes, mining becomes a new way

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Super virus strikes, mining becomes a new way

December 16
21:30 2021

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is a quiet day on Wall Street. However, the news will not stop just because it is a holiday. New worries caused the US stock market to plummet last Friday.

The threat of a new and potentially more contagious variant of COVID-19 has led many governments around the world to respond quickly, prompting travel restrictions on people from South Africa, which is where the new variant first appeared.

The emergence of the “Big Poison King” of the mutant new coronavirus in South Africa at this time has caused a problem for the whole world. Especially for the monetary policy that global central banks are preparing to enter the “recovery” phase, it is even more dilemma.

Before the “big drug king” appeared, the world was actually preparing for the economic and monetary policies of the “post-epidemic” era. The United States has begun to engage in “new infrastructure” with great fanfare and continue to open travel bans in order to digest the huge liquidity released since the epidemic and prepare for the spread of the dollar to the world.

However, the emergence of the “Big Poison King” at this time has made many decision makers in a dilemma. If nothing else, in about two or three months, the epidemic prevention status of many countries will shrink to the beginning of the epidemic. Even if it is not all “closed to the country”, large-scale gatherings and travel are almost impossible, and the restrictions on the movement of people will bring many globalized industrial chains back to the state of epidemic tension.

When the epidemic hit again, the main businesses of many investors were hit again. But if you pay attention to the cryptocurrency market, you will find that some miners can cross the bull market and bear market, accumulate more wealth in the market changes, and obtain more benefits in the development of the industry. They can hold themselves amidst the ups and downs of the market. The reason is that mining can often resist falls and risks, and reduces investors’ trading behaviors, thereby ensuring the accumulation of wealth.

Because Ethereum mining machines cannot be shipped on a large scale due to the impact of chip production capacity, the futures mining machines of most miners around the world have been scheduled for half a year. For the past six months, it has been a state of difficulty in finding a single machine. How can investors quickly obtain investment opportunities under the epidemic? The JASMINER X4-S with a computing power of 5200MH/s±10% and a power consumption of about 2400W provides an ideal entry point for this. As a mining machine brand that responds quickly to spot supply, JASMINER provides investors with fast delivery and high-quality product service guarantees in the current market where futures mining machines are rampant. Investors no longer need to purchase cumbersome ASIC mining hardware, nor do they need to spend high electricity bills. With a JASMINER X4-S, you can get the maximum Ethereum revenue through the ultra-high-throughput hash computing power.

From another perspective, the global experience in fighting the epidemic shows that the development of technology is the best way to fight the epidemic, and some changes in lifestyle will also allow technology to expand from another aspect. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the non-contact online social method has made Metaverse stand out. There is no epidemic in the world of virtual reality, and the Internet has entered a new era. This is an unstoppable trend. For investors around the world, they need to change their minds.

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