Hekka, An Accessible Online Marketplace, Brings Immersive Shopping from Southeast Asia to the World

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Hekka, An Accessible Online Marketplace, Brings Immersive Shopping from Southeast Asia to the World

December 16
23:03 2021
Hekka, An Accessible Online Marketplace, Brings Immersive Shopping from Southeast Asia to the World
Innovative young online shopping platform, Hekka, aspires to combine social and immersive shopping with the best and latest trends from East/Southeast Asia and share it with the world!

16 December, 2021 – Singapore – Hekka, an all-inclusive online marketplace, has announced plans to expand outside East/Southeast Asia. The online social shopping platform recently earned recognition for reinventing the online shopping experience and empowering consumers with the latest trending products and technologies. 

One of the newest community-focused marketplaces, Hekka boasts a highly engaged user base of online shoppers, key opinion leaders, influencers, and streamers from over 100 countries. These key players come together to create an interactive social experience reaching communities across East/Southeast Asia and the world.

The innovative Singapore-based platform, recently launched by Asia Innovations Group (AIG) in 2021, has partnered with top electronics and tech brands including Xiaomi, Lenovo, Nokia, and Remax to provide top consumer goods. Hekka’s partnerships with brands and suppliers allow it to broaden its product categories and offer products at the market’s best prices. Hekka’s clothing and fashion product categories are also increasing.

East/Southeast Asia plays an essential role in global production for a variety of products and industries. It’s also recognized as a trend-setter in online shopping practices, something that is increasingly clear by the ongoing popularity of events such as Double Eleven and securing the endorsement of top influencers, as well as reliable shipping services. East Asia has noted increasing innovative technological advancements. This is where Hekka draws from and has its roots in. That’s what Hekka hopes improve and share with the rest of the world.

Hekka reaches new consumers every day by combining new trends, the latest tech, and online communities into one marketplace. The current user base is global, hailing from the United States, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, please visit Hekka’s official website

“Hekka’s ambition is to reinvent online shopping from a mere transaction to an immersive, social experience that allows people to connect across borders, something that we need to aim for now more than ever,” remarked Laure-Cécile Lafond-Fenonjoie, COO of Hekka. “Hekka leverages AIG’s unique capabilities to fulfil our long-time mission in new product areas. We’ll continue to develop innovative features and immersive technologies to create an exceptional worldwide shopping experience,” added Andy Tian, co-founder and CEO of Asia Innovations Group.

AIG's co-founder and CEO Andy Tian (left) and Hekka's co-founder Lauer-Cécile Lafond-Fenonjoie

About Asia Innovations Group

Asia Innovations Group (AIG) is a leading live social company with over 470 million registered users located in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. It has built a comprehensive and diverse portfolio as it seeks to achieve its mission of enriching people’s lives worldwide through innovative and enjoyable live social products, which foster meaningful human connection. In addition to Uplive, which allows video social hosts to broadcast to the world, AIG owns Lamour, the top dating app in global emerging markets. It includes operations in thirteen offices around the globe that integrate local live social knowledge to foster individual market development and penetration. Focusing on major emerging markets, AIG leverages its track record of innovation, cutting-edge technology, a scalable global infrastructure, and global insights with local expertise to deliver user and shareholder value based on the most exciting growth opportunities in the live social marketplace.

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