St. Louis Physical Therapy at Judice Sports & Health Helps People Regain Movement and Gain Relief from Pain Without Painkillers

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St. Louis Physical Therapy at Judice Sports & Health Helps People Regain Movement and Gain Relief from Pain Without Painkillers

December 17
14:24 2021
Judice Sports & Health treats lower back pain, neck pain, knee injuries, and other conditions without surgery or medication. Its evidence-based practice helps even otherwise healthy people preempt functional weaknesses. It serves the community within 40 miles of the West County area in Missouri.

According to announcements released by Judice Sports & Health and Gregory Judice, this St. Louis physical therapy center serves West county. It treats injuries of the musculoskeletal system through evidence-based practice. This St. Louis physical therapist first determines the source and cause of pain and assesses the patient’s present range of motion. It initiates treatment only after a thorough evaluation and delivers positive results through corrective and therapeutic exercises. Patients can opt for an in-clinic session or choose to get treated at home or even at the workplace.

This St. Louis physical therapy center specializes in women’s health and pelvic floor treatment that enables women to improve the quality of their lives by managing pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and incontinence. These conditions affect one out of three women in America. The therapists at this clinic customize physical therapy programs to serve a patient’s unique requirements best.

This physical therapy center treats painful conditions of the temporomandibular joint. Common causes of this condition include whiplash, head trauma, grinding teeth, and incorrect dental alignment. Judice Sports & Rehab treats TMD through manual processes, postural changes, and therapy.

Physical therapists at this therapy center assess an individual’s gait to correct anomalies that can harm the ability to walk and run as one age. Minor adjustments recommended by experts can make a significant difference.

Busy individuals can avail the benefits of telehealth physical therapy from the comforts of their homes and offices. Virtual treatment of painful injuries is done via exercises under the watchful guidance of the Doctor of Physical Therapy. Self-treatments and stretches contribute to relief and reduce dependence on painkillers.

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Gregory Judice of Judice Sports & Health said, “Judice Sports & Rehab is well versed in working with the local athletic community to help sports lovers at all levels of expertise recover from sports injuries through our rehabilitation therapy. We work with weekend warriors and competitive athletes to individuals in rec leagues and neighborhood pick-up games. Our goal is to help you return to whatever you love to do.

We are mainly dedicated to helping athletes who participate in overhead throwing required for baseball, softball, volleyball, and tennis. By assessing an athlete’s body mechanics with the use of slow-motion video capture, we can aid in the prevention of future injury during overhead throwing action and help the patient sustain a healthier throw for a more extended period.

We have a detailed understanding of sports injuries and can provide effective, evidence-based programs to get injured athletes back to the game of their choice as quickly as possible. Patients we describe as “throwers,” whose sport involves tossing balls overhead, are one of our unique physical therapy niches. We have experience working with baseball players and others who must throw balls overhead and have developed particularly effective programs to help rehabilitate them after injury and prevent the injury from reoccurring.

At Judice Sports & Rehab, we use slow-motion video capture to assess a thrower’s body mechanics and provide visual feedback for safety and improved performance.”

About the Company:

Judice Sports & Rehab serves customers in West County, Missouri. Since its establishment in 2017, this physical therapy clinic has earned the trust of its patients who have regained movement, recovered from painful conditions, and added to the quality of their lives. The clinic also works with healthy individuals to assess possible health issues due to lifestyle and work.

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