Model Sophie Bowman and Arguably The Most Famous Car Get NFT’d

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Model Sophie Bowman and Arguably The Most Famous Car Get NFT’d

December 17
16:02 2021

Model and Forbes Contributor Sophie Bowman is the first-ever model to sell limited edition signed NFT art alongside Nick Kriaris, the pioneer of the cannabis industry. Kriaris is the first person in history to auction NFT’s tied to rare collectible items on

The platform recently converted the world-famous 1979 Pontiac Trans Am “Bandit Edition” car into an NFT, now listed for auction on the Nora site, while up and coming music artist, Billynaire Cruz, is the first artist to receive an advance in Nora Coin. The internationally renowned, Olomi The Artist, will be unveiling his Elon Musk painting on NYE, to be sold exclusively on the Nora site for 1 million, followed by the LoveDoc app launching in early 2022, accepting Nora Coin payments. The moral of the story? If you are yet to get into NFT, you’re risking being late to the party; but it’s OK to be fashionably late. Like it or not, NFT is the new world, and it’s creating a new strain of millionaires faster than the Pontiac Trans Am car.

Nora Coin launched their crypto network, the NRT MainNet Network that’s like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Iota combined, but is a unique version. The team is now auctioning rare items totaling a quarter billion in cryptocurrency while crafting NFT mining software compatible with Nora Coin through the NRTZ SmartChain.

“We are making history in the crypto realm,” says co-founder, Gary Palmer.

If you are interested in jumping on the crypto train but still have no idea what it is (or how to start), you are not alone. The Nora Coin team is dedicated to helping first-timers break into the world of cryptocurrency effortlessly. Learn more at

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