American Tattoo Society’s New Tattoo Experience

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American Tattoo Society’s New Tattoo Experience

December 17
23:30 2021
American Tattoo Society's New Tattoo Experience
American Tattoo Society Brings a Tattooing Transformation to Military Bases

The improvements across all areas of human existence have also led to great development in the tattoo industry. In the past, tattoos were thought to only be for a particular group of people, including gangsters, bikers, and artists. However, more and more people have embraced the trend in recent times. Even beyond that, tattoo studios have become increasingly common. From the stores on the streets to the large shops beside the highways, tattoo studios have gained more popularity.

Despite the popularity of these studios, inside military bases are not one of those places where you will find tattoo studios. The primary cause has always been the lack of high-quality tattoo studios around military bases. With the American Tattoo Society, the solutions to this problem are at every individual’s reach.

If you are a military member and desire to get inked, you don’t have to stress yourself. American Tattoo Society has brought tattoo studios closer to you than you have ever had. These tattoo studios are not for everyone; they are specifically put in place to offer tattooing services to men in uniforms. Thus, their initiation on military bases.

There are several reasons you should choose to get your tattoos from American Tattoo Society studios. This brand brings high-quality artists from every part of the world to ensure that every person gets the best tattoos in whatever style you want. Before stepping into any tattoo studio, there’s one thing that’s always on the mind of every potential client: getting value for money. With the American Tattoo Society, you will be able to get the value for what you are paying.

Getting value for your money cuts across a number of things as far as the American Tattoo Society is concerned. The studios are quite nice and welcoming. Apart from that, you will also have access to world-class tattoo artists who will bring your designs to reality. So, you aren’t only getting ink on your skin; you are also getting the ink from the right place and people.

In addition, industry changes and client expectations are factors the brand pays due attention to. It’s familiar with recent trends, new artistic capabilities, and designs, as well as transformations within the tattooing industry. Whichever force you belong to – Navy, Army, Marines, Space Force or Air Force, American Tattoo Society has got good hands to meet your demands.

Over the last 7 years, the American Tattoo Society has provided an amazing response to several military bases across the country. Working directly with AAFES, ATS has brought tattoo studios to military bases to give men and women in uniform a new high-quality option for tattoos. The brand perceives it as one of those things you need to do for those who give more than enough for their dear country.

About American Tattoo Society

American Tattoo Society has remained the only tattoo studio with the right to tattoo on a military installation. The brand earned this distinction as far back as 2017. Since then, it has committed itself to provide tattooing services to military officers. It opened its first tattoo studio on Nellis Air Force Base, located in Nevada, and has since opened studios at MacDill Air Force Base, Fort Bliss Army base with plans to open 10+ new studios over the next year on military installations across the US.

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