Social activist, researcher, and author Kelly Batchelor shares horror stories of neglect and childhood abuse in new book

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Social activist, researcher, and author Kelly Batchelor shares horror stories of neglect and childhood abuse in new book

December 20
13:15 2021
“Short Country Horror Stories” by Kelly Batchelor, Ph.D. shares chilling stories based on real-life accounts of abuse, neglect, psychological horror and even paranormal presence.

Ponte Verda Beach, FL – December 20, 2021 – A new book of thrilling horror stories has recently taken over the literary world. Titled “Short Country Horror Stories”, the book is written by researcher, activist, and author Kelly Batchelor, Ph.D. Early batch of readers has described the book as a real page-turner that leaves the reader asking for more.

“Short Country Horror Stories” is currently available on Amazon in Paperback version. 

“It’s an exciting moment for me to share with you all that I have recently come up with my first book, ‘Short Country Horror Books’. Packed with chilling tales that give you goosebumps, the book hovers around a diverse range of topics, ranging from disturbing drama to psychological horrors to even ghostly ghosts. It’s ‘the’ book that you would look forward to reading to get chills at night- be it camping trips or slumber parties, the book comes with amazing thrilling stories that you would love to share with your friends and family”, stated the author. 

“I am overwhelmed with the amazing response that I have received from my readers. This is my first book and hence it feels even more special. I have plans to come up with more books in the near future and your support means a lot to me.” 

“Short Country Horror Stories” is based on multiple horrific real-life accounts of childhood abuse and neglect that Kelly had to suffer as a child- even worse, in the hands of her mother!  

For years, Kelly has been forced to be somebody that someone else had wanted her to be, especially her mother. Born in Goldsboro, North Caroline, she was the eldest of two girls of her parents. Unfortunately, since her early childhood, her mother had been extremely abusive to her.  

Her mother would put her in the broom closet and even  would verbally tell her she would cut her up. Her mother would also put her in the garage and keep her there alone, and at night she would hear strange noises in the night. At times, she would leave young Kelly alone and hurt and never cared. Each written story in the book shows some form of abuse she suffered before Child Protective Services took her away to save her life.

Growing up, Kelly went on to complete her Associate degree in human services in the hopes of helping other children like herself.  Then she went off and completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her Master’s in Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Psychology, hoping that her mother would accept her.  

In the meantime, during her college years, Kelly got married to Jason (pseudonym), her first husband, with whom she had a daughter born legally blind with cerebral palsy.  Jason soon passed away, leaving Kelly to raise their child alone while in college.  On one hand, she had to find ways to provide an income for her child, and on the other she had to keep  the promise of helping others. It led her to create a thrift store called “Shop for a Penny,” which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping other individuals in the community such as herself.  When Kelly saw she was helping others and had completed her degree, she wanted to take time for herself and write- thus, “Short Country Horror Stories” was born. 

The trauma and abuse that Kelly had to suffer as a child is heartbreaking. But a brave warrior that she is, Kelly did not let such horrific experiences dampen her spirit and rather she turned all her pain to help others and create a short horror book.

Kelly will be coming up with her second book, “Tales of Horror Within The Forest”, in January 2022.

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