Car Dealerships That Work with Bankruptcies

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Car Dealerships That Work with Bankruptcies

December 20
20:45 2021
Car Dealerships That Work with Bankruptcies
Cars are a big investment that many people need to make. The convenience brought about by owning a vehicle is unmatched. Buying a vehicle on a one-off payment can be unrealistic. Vehicles usually cost a lot and the majority prefer using financing options. However, people with bankruptcies usually have a hard time getting approved. Now, there are car dealerships that work with bankruptcies.

Springfield, OH – December 20, 2021 – Jay North Auto is a professional car dealership in Springfield, OH. In a recent public service announcement, the team spoke about car dealerships that work with people with bankruptcies. Vehicles are convenient and everyone hopes to have their own. However, acceptance for financing can be hard to get with a bankruptcy. The team spoke about this not only as an encouragement for those people but as a notification that it is now possible.

Jay North Auto was proud to say that they are one of the car dealerships that work with bankruptcies in Springfield, OH. The team noted that they do so because they care about the people of the city and understand the different situations that people go through. The team makes it easy and through an application, people can now get accepted for financing. Filing for bankruptcy is always a chance for a fresh start and now accessing a vehicle has always been easy. It will always reflect for 7-10 years that a person filed for bankruptcy. However, the team has professionals who help people get the financing they need.

Whenever a person is looking for a car dealership after filing for bankruptcy, it is best to ensure that they are working with the best car dealer for bankruptcies. The best dealer entails a team that all the knowledge on bankruptcies and how to maneuver when looking for financing. There are two types of bankruptcies in Springfield, OH: Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 with each having different implications. The auto dealer one chooses should effectively offer the best options when it comes to the two. The credit score also matters and decisions that are made from there can be advised to you by a professional car dealership.

Jay North Auto is a car dealership that people who have recently filed for bankruptcies can trust. The team is welcoming to all and offers viable options to their clients. Getting a vehicle after a bankruptcy filing in Ohio has never been easier and the team guides its clients on the best possible steps of actions. More importantly, the car dealership is endowed with items of its main service delivery, cars. The group has several vehicles for people to choose from, both vintage and modern.

About Jay North Auto

Jay North Auto is a professional car dealership in Springfield, OH. The group has a large catalogue of vehicles and they sell them at affordable prices. People who are looking to sell their vehicles can also do so with the team. One of the standout features of the company is that they work with people who have filed for bankruptcy and those with a bad credit score.

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