Use Water Wall Feature by Midwest Tropical as Feng Shui Water Element

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Use Water Wall Feature by Midwest Tropical as Feng Shui Water Element

December 20
18:30 2021

One of the pillars within Feng Shui that is key to achieving harmony in spaces is known as the five elements. They represent the different phases of energy or Chi, each of which has been given a name from nature: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. They have differentiating characteristics and are associated with certain colors, shapes, and materials. Hence, Midwest Tropical offers wall water features indoor, waterfall elevator, and curtain waterfall to transport that touch of Feng Shui water element at your commercial space.  

Why use water wall feature for Feng Shui

Feng Shui helps you ensure that your workplace’s energy, in its different phases, is in balance so that each of the spaces in your office is warm, comfortable, and pleasant. And for this balance, a water wall feature must be present in a harmonious way. A waterfall elevator will determine the energy and, consequently, how people will feel in it.

Why is it important to find the balance? 

Why would people add wall water features indoor? We are going to explain it to you with two simple examples:

Imagine you love happy colors, very bright and even garnish or dark. If you have the walls of your bedroom painted with those colors, it can give you good energy, but you may not sleep well, and you will need to incorporate other elements that allow you a good rest. If the color white is everywhere: walls, fixtures, ornamentation. This can give you the feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness, although it also supposes an energy imbalance due to excess coldness. The solution? Use a curtain waterfall or waterfall elevator that activates a little the energy of the room and gives it more warmth. 

NOTE: If people want to know how to achieve personal, family tranquility, and abundance through small changes, without having to reform it or change people decoration. 

As you can see, it is almost a little “game” in which, if you master the essential principles, you will be able to balance the energy at your workplace so that it becomes the place where you can be most comfortable and at ease.

You must know well each of the elements, the type of energy they represent, and how you can incorporate them properly through your decoration.

Let’s go for wall water features indoor

Feng Shui element water represents the energy that flows, being an element in permanent movement. It is a great help to give you that stimulus that you sometimes need when you feel blocked. It is usually associated with intelligence since it always finds its way to overcoming obstacles. The quality of the water element in Feng Shui is mental clarity, flow, calm.

The color of the wall water features indoor

What color do people think the water element can represent? Easy, the color blue! And yes, the entire range of blues corresponds to water and the energy it embodies. People also have to include dark tones, gray and black.

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