Many People Choose Silver Jewelry as a Gift

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Many People Choose Silver Jewelry as a Gift

December 21
00:30 2021
Many People Choose Silver Jewelry as a Gift

Silver is an ideal gift. The shine of silver always stands out and its neutral color enhances the look of the wearer no matter what the color scheme of the wearer’s clothes. Silver is a luxury material that looks impressive without being overdone or flashy.  Silver can be made into innumerable styles of jewelry, ranging from classic to trendy. And each piece can be personalized because silver is easily engraved with initials or messages.  As a bonus, many people believe that wearing silver has health benefits.

Silver is a Great Value

Like gold and platinum, silver is a precious metal. In fact, in ancient Egypt, silver was more precious than gold because it was harder to obtain. Today, silver is more available and, therefore, makes beauty and luxury more affordable. Most “solid” silver used for jewelry is sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver alloyed with a harder metal to give it strength. (Traditionally, the other metal is copper.) This means that sterling silver contains a higher proportion of precious metal than do the alloys of other metals used to make jewelry.  Because of the alloy, silver lasts. It will hold its value. It does not easily wear, dent or corrode. With the right care, the gift you give can be worn happily for a lifetime. 

The genuineness of sterling is easily verified. If the sterling is genuine, the word “sterling” or the number “925” is always stamped into the piece on the underside or in another discreet place where the stamp will not detract from the appearance of the piece.

Silver Offers Great Variety

Every type of jewelry can be made from silver: brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pins. There are also styles or pieces not to be imagined until they’re seen. Silver pieces can be modern or classic. Antique silver pieces and reproductions of antiques are also both beautiful and popular. Both modern and old silver may come from exotic places or echo the traditions of far-off or ancient cultures. There is silver jewelry for every taste. Visit to see examples.

Silver Offers Fine Craftsmanship

Silver is not only beautiful in itself. It offers a wonderful medium for the artist or designer. With or without the addition of precious stones, silver jewelry can be wearable art that never loses its appeal.

Silver Is Not Just for Women

Jewelry is a means of self-expression for both men and women, and silver can be made into many masculine styles. Any man could enjoy wearing a silver chain, cufflinks, ring, lapel pin or leather-enhanced bracelet. There is sure to be a piece of silver jewelry that reflects a man’s personality and lifestyle whether the look he favors is conservative, rock star, or anything in between.

Where to Find Special Silver 

The Museum of Jewelry began in 1964 when Shashi began importing antiques and artifacts from many parts of the world, including Egypt, China and South America. Later in the 1960s, Shashi began producing original designs. The Museum provides both original fine jewelry and works inspired by designs that have been admired for thousands of years. Find out more here:

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