Beebole goes beyond basic time tracking data and provides invaluable Business Intelligence

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Beebole goes beyond basic time tracking data and provides invaluable Business Intelligence

December 21
07:19 2021
Time tracking data leads to smarter business decisions.

If you’re collecting timesheets or time tracking data and not getting insightful Business Intelligence at the same time, you’re doing it wrong. Time tracking data is full of all sorts of useful information that leads to better internal decision making, smarter business moves, and more informed strategies.

“Implementing a time tracking tool without knowing how to tap into that data further is such a missed opportunity,” said Yves Hiernaux, CEO and co-founder of Beebole.

So what’s the first step to gaining access to this type of BI? Making sure you have the right tool for you and your team. That’s where Beebole comes in. Beebole is a well-trusted SaaS that’s been on the market for over a decade. Within the past 14 years, companies from more than 60 countries have trusted Beebole with their time tracking needs.

Companies might choose to put timesheets or time tracking in place for various reasons, such as to comply with state or national regulations, or to simply better understand what their employees are spending their time on. But if you’re going to put the tool in place anyway, there’s no reason not to take it a step further to get even more insightful data from it.

The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft has been using Beebole since 2012. According to Executive Director Aldy Milliken, it has made all the difference for them. “Beebole allows us to track our yearly staff activities very accurately and with proof that we are efficient and mindful of our resources,” he said.

More specifically, they also use Beebole to help make better budgeting decisions.

“We also look at the cost per program in our different departments such as Education, Exhibitions, and Retail, allowing us to make more informed decisions during our budget process,” said Milliken.”The reporting system in Beebole is great, and I know our board appreciates being able to get a picture of what we do all day.”

With Beebole, combine timesheet data with employee costs, project budgets, and actual spend to get more accurate forecasts, and analyze things like profitability, margin, and more. With Beebole’s easy integration with both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, customize your reporting and create the exact report you need to analyze your data.

You can also look for patterns in your company’s timesheet data to highlight trends that might otherwise go unnoticed; is there an employee who calls in sick more often than others? Is there a certain time of the month when employees seem to work less or more? Do certain projects bring in higher revenue than others?

“It’s really amazing to see how our clients use and mold Beebole to adapt to their needs,” said Hiernaux. “Many of them understand there’s a lot of interesting insight just tucked inside the data they’re already collecting, and in that sense, they don’t only use Beebole to track time, but to also get insight into their core business goals.”

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