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December 21
07:24 2021 Discusses Renovating and Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City

Homeowners must consider multiple factors when renovating a bathroom. First, men and women must understand the time involved when undertaking a project of this nature and the cost. They also need to recognize the planning process should take longer than the actual work, as proper planning ensures the project moves smoothly from start to finish. Finally, this individual needs to decide what renovations will take place as part of the project. The following guide provides more information on these factors. 

Time and Cost

Three elements play a role in the cost of a bathroom renovation. The size of the bathroom, the renovations desired, and who will do the work must all be determined before moving forward with the project. Larger bathrooms cost more to renovate, as there is more space that must be covered by any new materials. However, the items included in the renovation plan also dictate how much one will spend to have their bathroom redone.  For more information on the bathroom renovation timeline, check here

For example, if a person wants to have the plumbing moved in a small bathroom, this significantly adds to the cost. As a result, a small bathroom renovation could cost more than a larger project if the plumbing won’t be moved in the larger bathroom. Extensive renovations such as this likewise add to the time needed to complete the work. Expect the project to take anywhere from one to four weeks when the homeowner does the work, and the time frame could be drastically reduced by calling in professionals like Bordner Home Improvement.


Before any work occurs, plan the new bathroom. Determine whether more storage space is needed, which appliances and fixtures are to be replaced, and which features currently work and will remain once the renovation is complete. During the planning stage, a homeowner can determine what works and what doesn’t rather than waiting until the project is underway to learn this information. 

Homeowners should recognize a facelift can make a major difference in the appearance of a room, even if they don’t make major renovations. Paint the walls a new color, add new fixtures, and put up a new shower curtain. This may be enough to make the room look and feel like bigger upgrades. According to, with these simple changes, a person might find they can scale back the renovation plan and save time and money. 

Desired Renovations

After completing this step, if renovations are still desired, which ones should make it into the final plan? Start by choosing which items and appliances will be replaced as part of the project. This ensures any underlying issues, such as the need to move plumbing, are identified. With this information in hand, the project can move forward. 

Next move to the walls and floors. Will they be tiled or will the walls receive a new coat of paint? Before taking on any project involving the walls or floors it needs to be determined that they are level. This ensures there is a good foundation for the tile or paint and any imperfections won’t be glaring.

The internet becomes of great help in getting ideas for this space. See How this bathroom renovation startup used Instagram to score Jessica Alba as an investor and benefit from this knowledge. Use social media and other sites to find ideas. This allows homeowners to share visuals with the bathroom remodeling team during the planning process. 

Don’t overlook the details when renovating a bathroom. Consider various light fixtures before choosing and look into updating the knobs and handles on cabinets. It’s the small things that pull a room together, and a renovation team becomes of great help in ensuring a proper job. Ask for their help to make the process easier in every way.

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