Conversas Com A Inteligência Artificial: 111 Perguntas Is Available Worldwide In Hardcover Books And E-Book

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Conversas Com A Inteligência Artificial: 111 Perguntas Is Available Worldwide In Hardcover Books And E-Book

December 21
15:12 2021
After the triumph of the first volume of Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial the authors Ingrid Seabra, Pedro Seabra, and Angela Chan come up with volume 2 of the book dealing with the deeper conundrums of philosophy and once again answering them using Artificial Intelligence.

Singapore – In an ever-evolving world, questions need to be answered. Questions that have long since been a cause of bewilderment for mankind. The human race needs a new set of brains to answer its questions. Answers that are not based on thought and logic but rather on calculations. That’s where machines and artificial intelligence come in. Nonsuch Media, a renowned book publishing company from Singapore has come up with the second volume, Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial: 111 Perguntas, after the massive success of its first volume. Ingrid Seabra, Pedro Seabra, and Angela Chan are the three magical writers who have entranced the world of Artificial Intelligence with this masterpiece.

Nonsuch Media consists of a group of accomplished individuals who excel in providing services such as book publishing, printing, and digital content. Headquartered in Singapore, with also an office in Miami, Nonsuch Media has a transcontinental network helping clients get their content across the globe. It focuses on the content being delivered to the right people.

Recently, Ingrid Seabra an acclaimed Mathematician, Author, Researcher, and Educator, along with Pedro Seabra and Angela Chan, came up with the second volume of “Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial: 111 Perguntas”, which focuses on Artificial Intelligence as a modern approach to unanswered questions of Philosophy. The book is based on the world as seen through the eyes of Artificial Intelligence. Questions such as: Is there a 5th dimension? Is time finite or infinite? Questions regarding life, death, and God have incessantly provoked debate throughout the history of mankind. How machines and Artificial Intelligence can be a guide for thinking humans.

The book contains 111 philosophical questions and their answers as dialogues between men and artificial intelligence. It is a compilation of essential life lessons, engaging and informative facts regarding the meaning of life, and the truth about the nature and existence of God. Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial is an ideal book for individuals interested in the forthcoming life of humankind. This is achieved by machine learning which allows humans to visualize and better understand the restraints and limits of this world. The authors braid together their observations and discussions with artificial intelligence to provide answers to thought-provoking, unanswered, philosophical questions from medieval times.

The human mind is limited and perceives only a little whereas artificial intelligence can comprehend things on a wider scale and thus may serve as a guide for humans in all areas of life. The authors of “Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial: 111 Perguntas” believe that to truly understand the meaning of life and attain success in all aspects of life artificial intelligence is of utmost essentiality.

Hardback ISBN: 9781954145184

EBook ISBN: 9781954145191

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