Webinar Replay Available: Dr. Markita Landry Discussed New Findings on siRNA Therapy

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Webinar Replay Available: Dr. Markita Landry Discussed New Findings on siRNA Therapy

December 21
16:09 2021
Creative Biolabs invited Dr. Markita Landry from the University of California to share her team’s research on Optimal Therapeutic Intervention Timepoints for siRNA-Based Huntington’s Disease Therapies, and the webinar recording is available to watch for free.

New York, USA – December 21, 2021 – Since the revolutionary discovery of RNA interference (RNAi), remarkable progress has been made in gene silencing mechanism, especially in small interfering RNA (siRNA) therapies. In 2018, the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved the first RNAi therapeutics Onpattro for the rare hereditary disease transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis in adult patients, and now siRNA drugs are on their way to becoming a standard modality of pharmacotherapy.

For decades, Creative Biolabs has been on the leading edge of supporting the development of novel therapeutics, especially in advancing gene therapy research and development. In November, Creative Biolabs unveiled the first live webinar of the gene therapy webinar series with Dr. Markita Landry as the speaker and the webinar recording is now available to watch for free.

Dr. Landry is an assistant professor from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research team recently developed a near Infrared Catecholamine nanosensor (nIRCat) and used it together with real-time imaging as key tools for siRNA-based Huntington’s disease (HD) therapy development.

The webinar is about this novel research on siRNA therapy with the subject Optimal Therapeutic Intervention Timepoints for siRNA-Based Huntington’s Disease Therapies. In this webinar, Dr. Landry took the audience to journey through the following key points: mechanism of Huntington’s disease; advantages of nanotubes for imaging brain chemistry; nIRCat capture spatiotemporal effects of dopamine agonists or antagonists; evolution of DNA-SWNT yields serotonin nanosensor candidates; dopamine imaging with nIRCats illuminates dopamine transmission in the dorsal striatum; dopamine release can be regulated at the site of release by D2-autoreceptors; nIRCats high spatiotemporal resolution enables tracking of single DA hotspots across simulations; future research directions.

“By organizing the webinar series, we want to promote information exchange and collaboration between academia and industry to further accelerate the development of gene therapy for the benefit of more patients,” said Bella Smith from the marketing team.

Creative Biolabs’ deep expertise, first-class infrastructure, and one-stop portfolio of services make it a reliable partner to advance your gene therapy research to market. Find more information on the official website https://www.creative-biolabs.com/gene-therapy.

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