Creative Biolabs’ Tactics to Improve iPSC Studies

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Creative Biolabs’ Tactics to Improve iPSC Studies

December 21
16:15 2021
With scientists possessing profound knowledge in cell therapy and extensive project experience, Creative Biolabs supports the research projects on iPSC and thereby pushes forward the progress of revolutionary stem cell therapies.

New York, USA – December 21, 2021 – On December 2, a report titled “Co-emergence of cardiac and gut tissues promotes cardiomyocyte maturation within human iPSC-derived organoids” was published in Cell Stem Cell, revealing that scientists successfully created cardiac organoids from human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs). This organoid can be used to examine signal conduction between developing organs and tissues, as well as how the tract and heart tissues are created synergistically from stem cells.

iPSCs are similar to embryonic stem cells in multiple factors, such as morphology, gene and protein expression, and differentiation capacity, but are free from ethical issues. Creative Biolabs, with specialties in stem cells, provides overall iPSC services that can prompt both basic research and iPSC-derived cell therapy development.

Basic iPSC study

* iPSC reprogramming: suitable reprogramming approaches will be utilized to generate iPSCs, such as virus, protein, and mRNA, to make sure the results have maximal potentials.

* iPSC culture: standard and customized services for iPSC culture are both available, with all-round factors considered for high yielding, such as growth medium, extracellular components, and environmental cues.

* iPSC genome editing: gene deletion, insertion, mutation, and correction or replacement techniques for diverse project targets.

* iPSC differentiation: differentiate iPSCs into hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, and neural cells in vitro.

iPSC-derived cell therapy development

* Assays for iPSC-derived macrophages for functional analysis, transcriptome analysis, and polarization.

* Produce stable iPSC-derived NK cells for further applications.

* Generate iPSC-derived T cells with desired characteristics, which will go through in-step phenotype or function identification in xenograft models.

Mastering iPSC technologies, Creative Biolabs can establish patient-specific disease models, helping to understand the etiology and progression of diverse diseases and conduct experimental model comparison and thereby accelerate the study on pathophysiology mechanisms and safety pharmacology.

“Our STEMOD™ platform is powerful,” according to a technician, “which is developed to establish disease models that mimic the real condition of lesions as much as possible.”

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Creative Biolabs, as an expert in stem cell biology, launched a center focused on stem cell therapy-associated solutions, providing basic research services, stem cell therapy development services, as well as custom disease modeling upon specific client requests.

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