Best of FRIENDS: Watch the Top 5 Funniest FRIENDS Christmas Episodes on Osiflix

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Best of FRIENDS: Watch the Top 5 Funniest FRIENDS Christmas Episodes on Osiflix

December 21
13:16 2021

Nearly every American sitcom and drama has its own Christmas episodes, and FRIENDS probably has one of the best and funniest episodes ever.

From the story of the Holiday Armadillo to the one with Phoebe’s Dad, almost all ten Christmas episodes of FRIENDS is a definite must-watch. Especially at a time where meeting up with friends and families are bounded by the pandemic restrictions, having something (or someone, six to be exact!) to spend this season with can help ease the holiday blues.

This coming 25th, allot yourself some time to just sit on your lazy chair while watching the top five funniest FRIENDS Christmas episodes, all free on Osiflix.

1. The One with the Holiday Armadillo (Season 7)

Speaking of the best FRIENDS episodes—not just in the Christmas category—this special episode wherein Ross dressed up as the holiday Armadillo for his son, Ben, is just up there.

This one surely didn’t go exactly as Ross has planned, not with Ben wanting to see Santa Claus instead of listening to Ross’ Hannukah story, but it all worked out in the end.

2. The One with the Routine (Season 6)

Who would ever forget the Geller’s infamous brother-sister dance? From that routine alone, this episode surely deserves to be included in this list.

To boot the Christmas vibe, this episode had Phoebe, Rachel, and Chandler bizarrely hunting for Monica’s presents. They did at the end but that’s not all. If you haven’t yet, find out what happened in this episode only on Osiflix.

3. The One with the Creepy Holiday Card (Season 8)

This episode again has shown how complicated Ross is with relationships. We’re all witnesses to his and Rachel’s on-again, off-again status. But that’s what makes this episode a funny one, although it shouldn’t have been.

In his pursuit to avoid the “where is this going” conversation with his new girlfriend while sending out conjugal holiday cards, he instead blurted out the L word. How very Ross of him, right?

4. The One with the Monkey (Season 1)

Despite this episode being New Year-centric, it made it to the list because of one thing, and one thing alone: Marcel. And also, the episode starts pre-Christmas, which technically counts.

Marcel the Monkey, wherever you may be now, the whole world misses you.

5. The One with Phoebe’s Dad (Season 2)

Holidays are rough for Phoebe Buffay. Season 1 gave us her falling in love and getting left behind on Christmas day, and in season 2 she learns that her father is not a “famous tree surgeon in Burma,” but a pharmacist who lives in upstate New York.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop her from enjoying the Christmas season with her friends. This episode might be more on the melancholy side but Joey and Chandler again saved the day by gifting gas station gifts for the whole crew. And naturally, Phoebe loved her pre-loved toilet seat covers.

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