This Christmas, Who Is Going To “Kill Clause”?

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This Christmas, Who Is Going To “Kill Clause”?

December 21
22:42 2021
A Christmas-themed action fantasy comedy feature film for grown-ups.

This Yuletide we witness the virgin birth of a new kind of Christmas movie. For those who grew up with The Snowman and Die Hard, Kill Clause sits squarely in the middle of the two.

In an all too familiar pandemic lockdown, amid a fundamental fear of ‘travel’, the one thing you don’t want to be is someone who visits every continent, country, street and house in the western world, and all within the space of 24 hours. Such behaviour would make you a prime candidate for accusations of ‘super-spreading’. For these reasons, Santa must be eliminated.

Bafta winning animation team Flock London bring us Kill Clause, a heartwarming, fuzzy and funny Christmas film, wrapped up in a gun-toting, adult action movie gift box. A mesmerising blend of traditional 2D animation and rotoscoped action. “We wanted to make something very filmic but at the same time textural and emotionally grounded” says director Oliver Smyth, of the hybrid look he and the team have created.

The 90 second trailer and accompanying feature script have been developed as a year long passion project by Flock and long time writer/collaborator Lewis Georgeson. The team are gearing up for the next stage in their plan: to realise the movie in its entirety for audiences to enjoy. “If we put the star in the sky, the wise men will come,” says Flocks MD Jim Evans. “There is no straight route to making an independent feature with an original script. This represents an experiment and a grand leap of faith from us. I hope others take it with us.”

The full trailer was released on the 17th of December. You can follow its progress here. Watch the Full Trailer Below!

If you’d like to support the making of the Kill Clause Movie, please donate here.


Director – Oliver Smyth
Producer – Jim Evans
Writer – Lewis Georgeson & Oliver Smyth

Acting Talent
Tom Kelsey
Chloé Xavier
Stephan Schreiber

Media Contact
Company Name: Kill Clause
Contact Person: Hannah Pereira
Email: Send Email
Country: United Kingdom