The Prices of a Bodyguard in Toronto are Worth the Money for Personal Safety and Security

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The Prices of a Bodyguard in Toronto are Worth the Money for Personal Safety and Security

December 22
13:12 2021

Most individuals want to feel safe and secure at all times, but unfortunately, there are times when this is not possible. Large events, that attract popular individuals, and celebrities, are at high risk of bodily harm or some other type of emergency scenario. A trained bodyguard, with all the correct certifications, is needed at these times to protect life and limb from harm.

Northern Force Security is a specially trained team of former military experts, and anti-terrorism groups. The bodyguards provided are up to date on training at all times, with technology-based innovative solutions to all private and public venue security. In the world of today, crime and harm have become rampant unfortunately and a good bodyguard may be needed at all times or intermittently.

The prices for the best bodyguards that Northern Force Security provides range from 75 USD to 150 USD an hour based upon the need and situation that the bodyguard will be entering. Events do reflect a higher price, due to the enormous amount of vigilance as do 24/7 security needs. Corporate executives and high-profile individuals also need more vigilance than someone just seeking some peace of mind for a bit after being threatened, or perhaps going through an ugly divorce.

Some individuals simply need a bodyguard temporarily when they become a victim of a stalker and can request an escort to and from work and a quick house check upon entering each time. This, of course, would be priced according to need and time spent. Even a restraining order many times does not deter a stalker and a bodyguard can bring peace of mind which is well worth the money.

Bodyguards that are employed by Northern Force Security, because of their military backgrounds, and certifications are as well trained as police in spotting “unusual” circumstances and behaviors. Most civilians lack this knowledge and capability. Even the tiniest detail does not go unnoticed by Northern Force Security. There is no price too great to pay to protect oneself and loved ones from harm.

When choosing a bodyguard, firearms training, CPR, and self-defense training are crucial and of course, impact the price. With minor valet services that need no firearms involved, and simple escorting to and from a venue, the price will be less. Northern Force Security also can provide concierge services such as answering calls or booking appointments for clients while they attend an event.

Choosing the best bodyguard for specific needs does require a consultation and Northern Force Security will gladly provide one. Cheapest is not always the best in the field of personal protection, as lives can be on the line.

About Northern Force Security

Based in Richmond Hill, Northern Force Security provides the finest in private security protection both for personal safety and also home safety. The guards are well trained in the latest techniques, and the company is run by former military personnel. There are two phone numbers, a blog, an email, and a form on the website for easy contact. A consultation to review needs in personal protection and pricing is required.

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