Miso Global, the First Company in Korea to Introduce an Automated Process to Produce Disposable Dental Floss

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Miso Global, the First Company in Korea to Introduce an Automated Process to Produce Disposable Dental Floss

December 22
19:09 2021

Established in 2018, Miso Global is a Korean brand that specializes in producing and selling oral care products. ‘Miso’ is the Korean term for ‘smile’. The name channels the idea of creating brighter smiles with a small 1.8cm-long thread. The company manufactures and sells disposable dental floss, interdental toothbrushes, standard dental floss, and tongue cleaning products.

Most disposable dental floss products are low-quality and sold and distributed in other countries at low prices, while high-quality Korean disposable dental floss, which is distributed in small quantities, is supplied at a high price as it is produced by hand. However, Miso Global has introduced automated robotics throughout all its manufacturing processes, making it possible to produce high-quality disposable dental floss at a low unit price. Miso Global is providing customer satisfaction in terms of quality, price, and service, with a sense of duty to protect the reputation of Korean oral care products.

The company’s main products are disposable dental floss and interdental toothbrushes. Disposable dental floss is for adults and children alike, while there are both L-shaped and I-shaped interdental brushes available so customers can choose the type of floss that’s best-suited to their age and oral structure.

In the early days, the company focused mainly on selling products online (social commerce) and through open markets in Korea, and this allowed them to cement the No. 1 position in the market. Since then, it has increased production by expanding its facilities/human resources following the increase in demand for disposable dental floss and has diversified its online/offline sales channels.

Disposable dental floss is an ideal product to include with meal kits, catering services, and in restaurant franchises as it can serve to enhance customer service quality at a low cost. Compared to a conventional toothpick, its floss is great for removing food debris from between the teeth, making it possible to elevate the ‘class’ of an establishment with its compact product design and excellent functionality.

A representative of Smile Global said in a communique, “We are striving to become a national company that customers trust and love, by conducting incessant research and development to provide essential consumer products.” He added, “Miso Global will go beyond simple provision of convenient products, and will strive to enhance the health and life of customers.”

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