The Dahlia Expert Is Now Offering Peonies

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The Dahlia Expert Is Now Offering Peonies

December 22
23:27 2021

Now is a great time to get started with flower garden plans for spring. Peonies are an excellent addition to any landscaping plan due to their bright, showy blossoms that bloom all season long. Brightening the flowerbed with beautiful peonies is more accessible than most people think. Here is a closer look at these lovely flowers and offer tips on keeping them at their best all season.

Peonies Have a Difficult Reputation

One of the biggest misconceptions about peonies is that they are challenging to grow, but nothing could be further from the truth. While peonies do require total sun exposure for the majority of the U.S., once they are established, these gorgeous flowers will come back each year just in time for spring. For questions about peonies’ sun exposure requirements, the people at The Dahlia Expert are more than qualified to provide answers.

Keeping Expectations Realistic

One crucial fact to remember is that peonies can’t be counted on to flower each year until the plant is around five years old. As long as peonies receive the needed hours of direct sunlight and the necessary water, they will bloom but not quite as fast as some other spring flowers. This fact leads many novice gardeners to label the gorgeous flower as “difficult.”

When setting out new plants, providing them with some peony-specific fertilizer will assist with root development.

Setting the Flower Garden Up for Success

Peonies require well-drained soil mixed with a large amount of organic matter. It’s also important not to overwhelm the young roots with too much mulch; otherwise, the plant may have difficulty blooming. Garden pests do not typically target the plants, but they can be subject to fungal diseases during wet weather. This disease is characterized by dark spots forming on the leaves and stems. Prompt removal of any affected areas can stop or slow down the fungal spread. 

Although peonies will grow in virtually any soil type, it’s important not to over-water. These plants require about an inch of water per day, but care must be taken that the roots are in standing water and the peonies have room to breathe. Sand or pebbles can promote drainage if the soil is particularly compact. Deadheading peonies as bloom fade will increase the rate of new blooms.

Peonies make excellent companion plants for roses and other perennials for an explosive pop of color. These colors create a stunning display when set against an evergreen background. Annuals such as marigolds can also create a fantastic look paired with peonies. If someone is looking for additional information about this, it would be advised to go to

Storage Over Winter

Foliage should be cut back each fall well before the first frost. Removing the bulbs from the ground over winter will keep them safe from underground pests and ensure they are ready to be set out again the following spring. 

The Dahlia Expert is now offering peonies. Be sure to visit to pick out some beautiful garden additions today. Or call 289-439-3084.

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