WIMI HOLOGRAM’s 5G Communication May Accelerate the Penetration, Virtual Conferences Are Revolutionized by Metaverse

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WIMI HOLOGRAM’s 5G Communication May Accelerate the Penetration, Virtual Conferences Are Revolutionized by Metaverse

December 22
23:30 2021

Based on overseas sources, Bill Gates claimed in his annual review of 2021 that this year gave us a preview of a future with more digitalization, where digitalization is here to stay and the metaiverse will revolutionize the office work. He predicts that in the next two to three years, most virtual conferences will move from two-dimensional images to a metasverse, a 3D space with “avatars”. Meta’s previous collaboration with Microsoft has seen a series of moves in the virtual office environment.


Meta’s new free app Horizon Workrooms turns “telecommuting” one step further of visualization. Users can dial in through ‘Zoom’, wearing headphones and participating in virtual reality meetings as digital avatars, this is the new chapter of Meta VR application and one small step of Meta towards metaverse. Nvidia is also focusing on the new function of virtual video conferencing. In view of the problem of unclear figure image and poor imaging Angle caused by signal in the process of video conference, Nvidia’s latest Vid2Vid Cameo on CVPR 2021 successfully solves a prominent problem in telecommuting through AI.

Although the penetration rate of telecommuting in the pandemic is still only 1%, the explosion of the metasverse has turned mobile telecommuting to a blue ocean. According to brokerage estimates, by 2025, the total domestic market space of Yuesu in social, game, short video, online video, e-commerce, mobile office and other fields will be about 340 to 640 billion yuan, and by 2030, yuesu will bring broad growth space for the whole society. With the acceleration of 5G and digital transformation, users have more complex working scenarios and more diversified communication modes. It is the commercial meta-universe that can help enterprise users improve operation efficiency and cope with complex working scenarios and diversified communication modes.

Under the epidemic, a new generation of cloud video conference room solutions are also emerging, and enterprises have higher and higher standards for video conference systems. On the basis of Korean media reports, Upbit operator Dunamu’s metaverse video chat platform “2NdbLock” beta version will be released soon. While most metaverse platforms in South Korea currently is not able to video chat, 2NdbLock offers 20 VR avatars to choose from and five social areas such as an office, a party room and an auditorium. Users can play games or video chat in four public areas, providing face-to-face communication.

As a pioneer in holographic communication technology and application, WIMI consolidates core technologies and reserves the next generation of cutting-edge technologies. As a professional company in 5G communication holographic application, WIMI is committed to independent research and development and investment in 5G core field, and has built a complete 5G holographic communication application platform. The 5G holographic cloud platform is an interactive platform covering user image collection and restoration, with data storage, image restoration and holographic social networking properties. It can support various online terminal and personal device applications of WIMI, and expand various mainstream 5G holographic applications such as holographic social communication, remote office meetings, and holographic online education.

5G technology links everything, can improve the efficiency of the whole process of production and operation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of old and new industries. Remote office meetings are only one of the 5G enabled, which has become the consensus of the whole society. It is worth mentioning that in terms of key core technologies, WIMI continues to invest in VR/AR core technologies, and is breaking through key technologies such as cloud computing, 5G and cloud-side collaboration to consolidate existing advantages. In the development of 5G technology, WIMI has not only witnessed the development history from 2G to 5G, but also the precision cloud network built according to 5G network is accelerating to penetrate into cutting-edge industries.

In the earlier, WIMI won the bidding of China Mobile and media cloud platform phase II holographic remote interaction project, and then 5G, AR/VR, holographic communication, education and other technologies fully integrated, under the boost and acceleration of 5G, WIMI strategic investment holographic communication experiment innovation enterprise cloud view research. In addition, WIMI relies on 5G communication application innovation, and 5G precision cloud network has been applied in industry, transportation, energy and other fields. Precision cloud networks such as WIMI have carried out practices in 5G+ industry, 5G+ transportation and 5G+XR commercial complexes, and are constantly developing new 5G usage scenarios.

In the 5G era, the world is scrambling for time and speed to commercialize it. No one will doubt the profits it will bring.

In this regard, WIMI strengthens industry leadership and digital transformation practice, actively explores the in-depth integration of 5G and other new technologies in major equipment and new technologies, and strengthens industrial scale and upstream and downstream coordination. At the same time, the company will promote the capability of industrial digital platform. In terms of next-generation cutting-edge technologies, the company will deploy next-generation technologies such as meta-universe and AI in advance to enrich the exploration reserves of cutting-edge digital technologies and further support the company’s existing cloud network integration business. For example, providing products and services with higher technical support and higher value added will bring new development opportunities for industrial digital business.

In the long run, the experts claim that the consumer industry chain will usher in a new round of development, the virtual office, AR/VR, and metaverse will benefit from 5G terminals. Driven by 5G and other technologies, the demand for intelligent wearable devices, intelligent home appliances, intelligent connected cars and intelligent robots will grow by trillions of terminal demand across the board. In the future, WIMI will also take digital empowerment for enterprises as the main task, to the whole field of digital, network, intelligent stride forward, in order to achieve high-quality digital transformation, accelerate the whole society 5G development process.

5G development is not only about the industry, but also about the country and society. On the one hand, 5G, as a strategic emerging industry of the next trillion scale, has become the focus of international competition and the foundation of a network power, bringing new changes to the communications industry. On the other hand, the impact of technology on lifestyle has a longer term significance, because the development of science and technology needs to meet the needs of social development, so as to promote the development of human society. For example, the innovation of virtual office meeting in the meta-universe is a good example of the fact that 5G can create more innovations and breakthroughs.

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