Ambition Pink will participate in ‘CES 2022’ for the Granny Fit’s entry into the world stage

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Ambition Pink will participate in ‘CES 2022’ for the Granny Fit’s entry into the world stage

December 27
20:36 2021
Ambition Pink announced on December 22 that it would showcase the Granny Fit by participating in CES 2022.

The Granny Fit is a product that can measure two out of three criteria for diagnosing sarcopenia in order to prevent middle-aged people from getting sarcopenia and to help the elderly manage sarcopenia.

Since the second half of this year, in order to secure various positioning of the product, a top brand Kinetic Formula, which can measure various motions, including the range of motion, and muscle functions and provide exercise programs to improve functions and performance, has been being prepared, and, moreover, additional functions of the Granny Fit Device have been under development.

Kim Cho-rong, the CEO of Ambition Pink, said, “Despite the fact that sarcopenia is a common disease of the elderly, I have come to realize that it is most important to prevent it by managing it from a young age while proceeding to business.” In fact, getting people who do not usually exercise to exercise is a more difficult problem than you might think. It is even more difficult to exercise those who have reached old age with all their muscles lost because they have not exercised since they were young. Ambition Pink also clarified a plan that “We have been also considering creating a lifecycle management program for customers that makes people fall in love with sports, and at the moment they fall in love with sports, they are provided with systematic and advanced training just like the national elite athletes have, so that they can improve their records and have positive experiences, allowing them to be able to continue exercising for a lifetime.”

Ambition Pink continued, “CES 2022 will be the world’s first public debut of the Granny Fit Device, which has been transformed from a smart hand gripper to a sarcopenia detector. We will successfully introduce the first product of Kinetic Formula, the Granny Fit Device, to the world stage.”

On the other hand, Ambition Pink monopolized the Tomson Reuters Electric Sign in Times Square, New York at 6 p.m. on Black Friday, November 26, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States to send out a five-minute outdoor advertisement in celebration of the participation in CES 2022 and the public release of the first product. Ambition Pink will participate in CES 2022 Eureka Park Pavilion as a recommended company by Sungnam Industry Promotion (SNIP) and exhibit the Granny Fit from January 5 to 8, 2022.

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