Manavate Announces Its Seed Funding Offer Available Before 2021 Ends

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Manavate Announces Its Seed Funding Offer Available Before 2021 Ends

December 27
20:39 2021
Manavate Announces Its Seed Funding Offer Available Before 2021 Ends

Kibbutz Yifat, Israel – 27 December, 2021 – Manavate Ltd., developer of an award-winning business platform for end-to-end solutions, announces its seed funding offer for startups, which will be available before 2021 draws to a close. Manavate’s seed funding will support early-stage entrepreneurship.

Many startups struggle to find financing for their business. However, they aim to grow their business and generate their own capital later, and seed funding helps them achieve their dreams. Manavate understands their needs. Thus, the company is offering seed funding for deserving startups. 

Seed financing is relatively small, which a business needs early on to make a good start. However, the amount is enough to infuse the required capital to cover expenses until the startup can start earning revenue on its own. Seed funds can likewise be a helpful tool to attract future funds from more prominent investors.

It does not matter how great your business idea may be. It means nothing if you cannot obtain enough funding to start and grow the business. While many entrepreneurs finance their new business ventures with their own capital or borrow money from family and friends, raising startup funding is challenging. Typically it takes time to find angel investors. But with Manavate Ltd., the angel investor is right before you.

Manavate Ltd. is based in Israel. It’s a software development company, first and foremost. Understanding the need of many startups to have access to seed funding, the company plans to invest in and help build more startups that would like to engage in various emerging technologies.

The seed fund will support entrepreneurs and early-stage companies via investments in several seed state structures. It will help fill the early-stage capital funding gap and help create hundreds of jobs, and provide support for local entrepreneurs. 

Manavate’s seed funding aligns with the company’s strategy to invest in innovative tech companies developing programs for different emerging markets. The venture funding department of the company will play a vital role as an advisor and seasoned investor. In addition, Manavate’s seed funding initiative aligns with the company’s objective to build and support sustainable ecosystems for entrepreneurship. Its direct investments in portfolio companies will encourage the availability of seed capital and help companies position themselves better for follow-on funding, job creation, and sustainability. According to Manavate Ltd.’s top executives, venture funding is more than just providing capital. It also revolves around identifying the right partners for a business.

About Manavate Ltd.

Manavate provides effective business solutions for customer management to ensure adequate sales flow and maintain a seamless and efficient helpdesk. In addition, it offers a wide range of online services that will significantly help startups closely monitor project budgets, track employees’ time spent on the project, and collaborate with a team on priority tasks. 

Manavate works with various industries, agencies, providers of professional services, and marketing. With seed funding, Manavate has more to offer to ensure that positive changes will happen for every organization.

Manavate has Sales and CRM solutions to help companies improve their revenue by monitoring hot leads and employing real-time sales opportunities using a user-friendly and intelligent system. In addition, its project management solutions enable companies to remain in sync using automated processes.

Collaboration, close monitoring, visibility, faster communication, and automation are just a few of the excellent features of the business solutions Manavate offers—from Manavate ERP services to finance and accounting to customer support; Manavate can help businesses worldwide succeed through solutions on the cloud. In addition, their pricing is competitive, and they provide 24/7 customer support through email, phone, and WhatsApp. With Manavate, you will have the solution and support you need when you need them. 

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