Eon Labs Research Partnerships in Deep Learning for Time Series Forecasting

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Eon Labs Research Partnerships in Deep Learning for Time Series Forecasting

December 27
16:06 2021
Eon Labs Research Partnerships in Deep Learning for Time Series Forecasting
Eon Labs Strategic Partnerships with Leading Machine Learning Researchers

Dec 27, 2021 – Eon Labs takes multiple approaches in advising portfolio construction for clients, but deep learning for time series forecasting is at the forefront of all the alpha-seeking methodologies. Therefore, Eon Labs will be looking for partnerships with leading researchers in deep learning for time series forecasting. With a mission to keep Eon Labs’ clients staying ahead of the technological curve with the most advanced machine learning algorithms, the company has been in discussion with multiple A.I. vendors and academic institutions for joint research efforts.

“Although we’ve seen Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hit their record highs and gain more institutional buy-in from major corporations, market corrections are always lurking around the corner,” Victor Hogrefe, Co-Founder & CBO of Eon Labs, said. “Commendably, our Enigma trading system has always thrived and surpassed benchmarks in the midst of major market shifts thanks to our AI-powered strategies that are agnostic to the changing market regimes.”

According to a study conducted by Greenwich Associates, the share of algo trading in the financial markets has been experiencing double-digit growth. Hedge funds and some quant funds have been among the first movers in utilizing algorithmic trading technology to generate alpha. The driving force behind all these efforts has been the rapid advancement of deep learning for time series forecasting.

Eon Labs’ flagship Enigma trading system Enigma, features AI-powered trading strategies to trade major cryptocurrency futures with deep liquidity from multiple exchanges. Since its inception in 2019, it has produced spectacular results for private investors and institutional clients looking to diversify their portfolios into the crypto space. The company is hoping to expand its reach to trade even more digital asset derivatives as the crypto market expands, so that its clients can enjoy even more selections from the market to diversify their portfolios.

“Volatility is one of the most noticeable characteristics of the latest and burgeoning coins, such as Shiba Inu and Terra Luna, which is good news for the alpha-seeking activities of our clients. However, because of a lack of long-term historical data, many quantitative researchers were perplexed as to how to study them appropriately,” Dr. May Wang, Staff Data Scientist at Eon Labs, commented. “We have some success handling this topic, and we would like to share and validate our discoveries with other researchers who are also engaged in the domain of deep learning for time series forecasting in order to expand our understanding of the problem and develop even better solutions.”

“We want to grow with like-minded people,” Chen Li, Founder and CEO of Eon Labs Ltd said. “Eon Labs will not only position itself to be the world’s finest at unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence, but it will also serve as a platform for time series researchers to grow and succeed academically and financially in the digital asset markets.”

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