Dubai-Based Photographer Gabriel Radulescu Brings Smiles to the Ones in Need

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Dubai-Based Photographer Gabriel Radulescu Brings Smiles to the Ones in Need

December 28
21:05 2021
Dubai-Based Photographer Gabriel Radulescu Brings Smiles to the Ones in Need

You might know by now about Gabriel and his story, what you don’t know is that even through tough times, Gabriel remains a softie at heart. Some of us are luckier than others, some of us are blessed with a great start in life, having a roof over our heads, a wealthy lifestyle. He considers himself blessed that way and those blessings he wants to give back to the one less fortunate.

Gabriel started his traveling around the world at a young age on cruise ships, which gave him the opportunity to meet people from different cultures, to come in contact with different mentalities and to widen his view about the world. He saw things that he wanted to remember when he was old and retired on a nice beach far away from the noise of the world.

He was always fascinated by photography and the emotion you can capture and awaken in people’s hearts. He might be on top of the world now but he started like all of us with a small camera taking pictures as a pasion. He took it to a different level while in Hawaii, that’s when he bought his first “next level” camera and started investing more energy into his passion.

Gabriel slowly transformed his passion into a productive lifestyle. He believes in giving without any expectation, in helping without asking for anything back. Gabriel aims to be a role model for the young generation and to show them that you can follow your dreams and succeed even if that involves a lot of work and nights with less sleep.

”Sfantul Acoperamant al Maicii Domnului” is a children’s charity founded in 2010 in Romania and supports kids and families in need. The charity is located in the beautiful town of Satu Mare, which has a special place in Gabriel’s heart.

The members of the charity have different backgrounds like teachers, doctors, priests, engineers, nurses, therapists that volunteer to give those children a better upbringing.

Even though Gabriel had a busy year with organizing different events, photography master classes, that didn’t stop him to respond with an open heart when he received a message from the charity. They were looking for ideas to collect money to be able to prepare the children for the first day of school that was not far from starting. With only 2 weeks to go, Gabriel quickly got his act together and he organised an event donating all his profit to the charity.

He was touched when he saw the surprise that his children prepared from him as a thank you note. The smile on their faces was priceless and touched him so much that he decided to vamp up the event for next year and again all profit will be donated to ”Sfantul Acoperamant al Maicii Domnului” Charity.

Be the change you want to see in the world and the world will be a better place… that is the quote that he has printed and pinned to his fridge.

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